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Take it to a body shop. They have to open hoods when jammed in wrecks.

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Q: How do you pop the hood on an '86 Caddy DeVille to fix the wire and latch?
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How do you open your hood on a 90 cadillac deville if it has a broken wire cable?

Depends where the cable is broken. At very worst you must get under the front of the car behind the bumper reaching up to the hood latch and releasing it.

How do you open hood on Volvo S60 when the latch will not work?

The hood on a Volvo S60 can be opened when the latch is not working by sticking a stiff piece of wire into the grill and pulling on the release latch. The latch can then be repaired or replaced.

How do you open the hood of your 1993 Bonneville when the release cable is broken?

You may pull the wire with a pair of plyers near the hood latch. To access it you need to reach behind the grille of the car and pull the exposed wire near the latch with the plyers

How do you open the hood on a 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada when the latch to open it is broken?

Mine went and the wire for it is located right near the hood latch in the front . I taced it back a litttle and sniped it so then I just pull the wire from the front to open it.

How do you open the hood on a 1995 Cutlass Supreme if the hood release wire is not working from within the car and you can see the hood latch under the hood but you can't get the hood up when you try?

This is what I have had to do for my 94 cutlass supreme. Hold the hood release wire lever open from inside the car with a something - a screwdriver or some such thing. Then just pull up on the hood and voila, it releases the latch.

You have broken Hood latch cable on a 1989 GMC Vandura How do you open the hood Thank you?

where your latch is broken at you can use a pair of pliers and pull the exposed cable wire and it should open best thing when u open it replace the cable wire

How do you release a hood latch with a broken cable on a 1988 Sunbird?

If you can still see the wire, use pliers and pull, it should release the hood.

Where is gas door latch bypass on 2004 Cadillac Deville?

Assuming your button doesn't work...the latch is in the trunk on the upper left side. If the end tab has broken off, wire will be behind felt covering

How do you get to the battery in a Cadillac deville to replace it?

You would have to pop the hood of the car. If the handle is broken to the hood, you must locate the piece of the wire that it was connected to and pull on it with a pair of pliers.

How do you fix hood latch on 2001 olds intrigue?

To fix hood latch on a 2001 Old Intrigue, locate the hood locking mechanism from inside the grill. Use a wire to make a loop. Put this loop around the hook of the locking mechanism. Push down on the hood and pull the wire in the opposite direction. Then have another person pull the hood up while the hook is pulled with pliers from the underside of the vehicle.

How do you open a hood on a 2001 ford wind star if the hood latch will not release but cable is not broke or loose?

get a hanger and straighten out . put small hook in one end. then crawl under front of van. if you get under far enough you will see the latch. just hook it with the wire and pull.(the latch has a hole in the drivers side of it).

How do you replace the hood release in a 1991 Camaro?

Well... Hood release latch? Or hood release cable? For the Cable: Open the hood. On the hood latch there is a thin wire on the engine-side. There is a small thin metal clamp-like piece holding the wire in place. I used needle-nosed piers to pull the top part of the clamp out, then pulled the wire up and out of its holder. Follow the wire along the engine bay and there are little plastic clamps holding the wire down. Unclamp those release the wire that way. Then inside the car under the drivers side, there are 2 or 3 screws holding the plastic panel in place. Pull the panel off and take out the screws holding the hood release latch in place. Hold the firewall plug and gently tug on the cable until its out. Then, replace in reverse. Run the cable through, attach cable to the latch's holder piece, clamp wires back down and screw back in. For the Latch: Just like the release cable, unhook the metal wire, then unbolt the couple bolts holding it in place. Replace in reverse order. That easy.

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