How do you prepare 0.01M phosphoric acid?


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0.7 ml of 85% phosphoric acid into 1000 mL= 0.01 M of phosphoric acid

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Take 1.8 mL of 85% (wt.) phosphoric acid into 1 L of water

Mix 0,227 mL of 85 % ortho-phosphoric acid with 1 L demineralized water.

No, phosphoric acid is a weak acid.

there is no differences between phosphoric acid and ortho phosphoric acid

No, phosphoric acid is triprotic.

phosphoric acid, or orthophosphoric acid

I don't think so.poly phosphoric acid and phosphoric acid have same moleculer structure.

Since phosphoric acid contains 3 equivalents (acid protons, H+) in one mole of H3PO4, one should take two thirds of one mole and dissolve this in one littre.

No, phosphoric acid is classed as a strong acid. It dissociates completely.

Phosphoric acid was discovered in 1770 by K...bone ash (1774) and produced phosphoric acidby the action of nitric

How do you make phosphoric. Acid into hypophosphite

The Chemical symbol for Phosphoric acid is H3PO4

Don't you mean "Where did Phosphoric Acid come from?"

If the acid was 100% phosphoric acid I would pour 4 ml into an empty and at least 150 ml beaker. Then I would carefully measure, by graduated cylinder or from a buret, 96 ml to put into the beaker with the 4 ml to make 100 ml of solution.

Does phosphoric acid reduce the meats pH

phosphoric acid (unlike the 3- phophate) is neutral.

The rmm of phosphoric acid is 97.976898.

The salts of phosphoric acid are called phosphates.

Generically, salts from phosphoric acid are "phosphates".

The molar mass of phosphoric acid is 97,99 g.

Phosphoric acid has a pseudo-tetrahedral shape.

high temperature can make phosphoric acid be a cryztal i ever do this experiment, after i make phosphoric acid and then i burn it until the temperature is 100C, phosphoric acid had been cryztal when the temperature decrease.

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