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With almost all squashes, I simply cut them in half lengthwise (be carefull, they are difficult to cut - keep your fingers on the dull side of the knife). I then scoop out the seeds, put some butter and lemon pepper (or black pepper) in the cavity, cover with foil and bake. Delicious!!

Serve a half, or a quarter squash to each guest. They will love it.

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A medium acorn squash takes about 30 to 45 minutes at 350 degrees, cook until it begins to soften.

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400 degrees

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Q: How do you prepare an acorn squash for baking?
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How many grams of sugar acorn squash?

there is no sugar in acorn squash

How much fiber in acorn squash?

There is 3.4 grams of protein in a 4 in. diameter acorn squash (raw).

Is Acorn Squash a high fiber vegetable.?

Acorn squash is high in fiber.

Can you get acorn squash in Australia?

Acorn squash is not available in Australia. Butternut squash is found in Australia, but it is known there as butternut pumpkin.

What are some interesting vegetarian recipes using acorn squash?

Baked Acorn Squash with Maple Syrup Halve and seed one acorn squash.Cut the squash crosswise into 1″ slices.Mix together in a bowl -1 Tbs oil1/4 cup maple syrupand salt and pepper to taste.Toss with the slices.Put into a baking dish and bake about 30 minutes at 400F (200C).

What is the meaning of acron squash in Telugu?

Acorn Squash

What type of squash is used in pies?

yellow squash :P

Is a acorn squash a fruit?

No no no no no of course not u dumb people

What is a word that starts with the letter A that describes squash?

It is referring to a type of squash known as Acorn Squash.

How do you translate the vegetable known as 'dla'at armonim' from Hebrew into English?

"Dla'at Armonim" is the Hebrew name of an acorn squash. If you do not know what an acorn squash - or, for that matter, "Dla'at Armonim" - is, fear not. An acorn squash is a spherical, dark-green, fist-sized squash. It can be cooked similarly to a regular squash.

Does acorn squash grow in America?


When is acorn squash ready to eat?