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Try an imagine all the ways you would show someone you care and write them down. Once you've done that you can then make a conscious effort to STOP doing all those things, check your list every now and again to remind yourself of things to stop caring about. Also, try to keep your face emotionless and just generally act disinterested in everything and everyone around you.

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How does a white American act?

like a wannabe black american lol they curse pretend they dont care about you or anyone else and only do care when it helps them

How do you be a real tomboy?

do what guys are into. wear jeans,sneakers,tees,and jerseys.dont wear makeup. act cool and pretend you dont care about anything.

What do you do when you are in love with your boyfriend and he breaks up with you?

nothing u can do all u do is pretend u dont care as much as u really do and save the tears for friends but dont tell him u love him

Fact about gorillas?

i dont care i dont care i dont care

What does feign indifference mean?

Feign = pretend indifference = not caring So it would be "to pretend to not care".

Why do men pretend they do not care about a woman when they DO care?

Because they are afraid to get emotionally hurt.

What do you do when your best friend is going out with the boy you like?

well, you can't do anything. just tell your friend that you like him but dont ruin your friendship over a boy. just go along with it and pretend that you dont care so you dont put any guilt on him/her.

How do you defend yourself from getting bullied or picked on?

tell the teacher or adult , ignore the bully or pretend you dont care if you have lots of friends get them all and stand in a group in the playground with them

What is a dog's branching diagram?

i dont know and dont care i dont know and dont care

Why do people pretend to be country and they ain't?

Because maybe they think it is funny to pretend. Back off and let them have their fun! dont be a party pooper! and dont say aint. its annoying..

How many different species Chipmunks are there?

dont know dont care dont know dont care

Another definition of word talkative?

dont noe and dont care dont noe and dont care

There is a guy that im going out with but this girl told you he was braking up with you when he wasnt and now he thinks im cheating on him and he wont believe you and you miss him a lot?

give it time. it will all work out. just dont be pushy. pretend you dont care, he'll come back to you.

What is the best size tank for a Red Eared Slider?

blah blah blah! dont know dont care. blah blah blah! dont know dont care. blah blah blah! dont know dont care.

What must you do be love by the one you love?

listen to everyother word and pretend to care.

Do you have guns in Australia?

no i dont i only have 8 nerf guns thhat are pretend

Where did Zeus get his name from?

i dont no and dont care and dont push me

Is a mirror a conductor?

Dont no Dont care

What is the anishinabe economics?

dont no, dont care!

What do you do if someone makes fun of you?

Ignore them and pretend you dont hear them and just pretend they aren't there. Then the people who make fun of other people will know that it doesnt bother you.

When did John Adams become president and til when?

dont know. dont care. never will care. :)

What the Character traits between Jacqueline and Manic Magee?

dont care and dont want to care

If your crush has no interest in you what you do?

You would pretend not to care so other people don't find out.

Does makena Lautner have YouTube?

NO, all of them are posers who dont have a life and pretend to be someone else.

Why are people cool?

People are cool because they belive in their self and dont pretend to be someone they are not