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How do you prevent a 5-month-old puppy from peeing when excited?

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My dog also did that, but then she seemed to get used to me coming home and stopped peeing when she got exited, they skip that stage after a month or too. It also helps if you approach them slowly and not speak until you bend and then pet them

You have to start talking to him before you get to close to him. And actually at five months he's a bit young. They just do that. Make sure you speak in a very gental way. Don't yell or he'll always do that.

Lack of ConfidenceTypically the "excited" urination is just a result of a lack of confidence. Enroll your pup in a puppy preschool class somewhere that specializes in opperant conditioning, clicker training, or kindness training... A class that allows supervised play time off leash, and encourages you to visit with everyones puppies. The more people and dogs he meets, and the more things he learns, the more his confidence will grow. :)

As a trainer I see this on a regular basis, and I see dogs who become confident, outgoing, and much happier as classes go on.

Good luck with your pupper.

2010-02-04 03:46:13
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What can you put on your carpet to stop puppy peeing?

There are sprays and powders that you can purchase from your pet store to prevent your puppy from peeing in certain areas. You can also lay down pee pads where your puppy urinates so that the urine does not soak into the carpet.

How do you keep your puppy from peeing when they get yelled at?

Simple: don't yell at your puppy. The fact that your puppy is peeing means you are overdoing it. Correct your dog firmly, but without yelling. Peeing is a sign of submission, and you are scaring your puppy.

Why is your 3 month old puppy still peeing in the house?

because the puppy is not trained.

What is a similie for excited?

I am as excited as a puppy when he sees his owner come into the driveway.

How do you use excited in a sentence?

I was very excited when I got a puppy for Christmas.

How do you stop a puppy from peeing in her sleep when she doesn't even know she is peeing?

You cant, just wait a while and it will stop.

What is a simile describing being excited?

I was as excited as a puppy dog getting a treat.

What does the puppy was a real ball of fire mean?

The puppy is very hyper/excited.

Which word is the subject of the sentence Around my feet jumped one excited puppy. A. puppy B. an understood you C. feet D. one?

Puppy is the subject. Feet is the object of a preposition that is modifying how the puppy jumped. One is an adjective of puppy.

What does it mean if a puppy is peeing blood?

It is possible that your pet has a urinary tract infection. You need to take the puppy to the vet immediately

What does it mean if you puppy is peeing more than usual?

It could mean a lot of things. It might be as serious as diabetes or as simple as being excited. If it lasts more than a day, give your vet a call and ask if he's concerned.

What is similies of excited?

As excited as a flower about to bloom. As excited as a little brown puppy getting his favorite treat. as excited as a little girl before her 5th birthday party

How do you prevent puppy destroying training pad?

Eat the puppy.

How do you stop a puppy from piddling when excited?

You can't. That's just what pups do.

How do you know when your puppy is finished potty training?

When they stop peeing and pooping in your house or anywhere they aren't supposed to.

How do you stop the dog from peeing in the kitchen?

Go to Walmart and buy Puppy-Accidents mats. They are at least $5-$10.

Why does your German shepherd urinate when your boyfriend greets her?

Excitement. Many dogs (especially puppies) get over-excited at the prospect of a visitor. Does your boyfriend say hello to the puppy whilst it is still excited? If so, ask him to ignore your puppy when he first enters until the puppy is calm. This may seem cruel, but it teaches your dog that they are rewarded for being calm and are not praised for over-excited behaviour. Many puppies will grow out of this in time.

Bad things about cocker spaniels?

Some pee when they get excited. We love our puppy but it is getting out of hand.

What is wrong with your female puppy constantly peeing even after she just peed alredy?

She could have a UTI - take her to a vet and have her urine analyzed.

How do you stop a dog from peeing in the yard?

Training, always take a puppy to the same spot and give the "go potty" command. Your dog may need training if he wasn't traiined as a puppy. Where is he supposed to pee.

What does some days you're the puppy mean?

The rest of the saying is, Some Days you're the puppy, some days you're the fire hydrant. Some days you get to do the peeing, and some days you're peed on.

Why would one female puppy keep peeing on everything including her 3 month old female puppy sisters stuff also like blankets kennel floors etc?

it isn't just females. she's a puppy and she doesn't have "manners" yet. she'll grow out of it

You Hit your puppy for peeing on the rug and now he doesnt want to pee?

first of all, hitting a puppy is animal abuse. Second, he doesnt want to pee because he thinks you are gonna hit him. He doesnt know better. You are mean! <:-(

When can you take a puppy outside to dog parks?

Yes. It is important for your puppy to interact with several people(especially children), other dogs, and other animals. Not doing this can result in problems such as nervous peeing, agressiveness, and endless barking and howling.

Why dogs pee when they are happy?

They just get very excited. They think a lot of things are interesting. If it's a puppy then it will pee regardless.