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There are a lot of hints published on the web about disabling right-click and so which can be deterring factor, but none actually protect the image froll copy including Printscreen or screen capture except a couple of solutions provided by ArtistScope. For example you can use their web browser plugin to protect all content displayed on a page, or you can use their custom web browser which has been specially designed to protect web content rather than expose it.

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How do you get a picture code for HTML?


How do you find the HTML code of a picture?

Pictures don't come in HTML

How do you upload a picture on tinier me?

Well, you have to have the picture posted on photobucket, tinypic, or any other website with an HTML code. Somewhere on the page with the picture, It should have an HTML code bar. Copy, and paste that code into your tinierme and it should be there. Hope this helps! ^^

On how do I upload the layout onto my Howrse profile?

Simply by copying the HTML code of the layout you want. Go, to your page and click "Modify". Go onto HTML. Then, paste your code in.

How do you add a picture on Howrse?

You need to upload the picture to an online image hoster such as imageshack or photobucket, and then get the HTML code and put it as follows: [img]HTML Code goes here[/img]

How do you upload a picture on to WikiAnswers?

You can upload a picture onto your profile by either copying the HTML code of the picture and pasting it onto your profile, dragging the picture directly onto your profile, or right-clicking the picture, selecting "copy", and then right-clicking your profile and selecting "paste." The more pictures that you upload onto your profile, the longer it may take.

How do you turn pictures into an HTML code?

<img src="link for picture">

What is the HTML code to add a border to a picture?

For example this is the HTML code: <body> <div id="picture"> <img src="images/image.jpg" alt="this is image" /> </div> </body> In CSS: #picture img { border:2px solid #000066; }

How do you use your own picture for MySpace background?

Myspace has a way of allowing you to do it by customizing your profile.You have to have the picture you want in one of your photo albums on myspace. Or you can find the code of the picture by viewing the picture from your myspace and copying the code. Then you will paste that code when you edit your pfofile.

How do you code a flv in a picture on a HTML website?

you <embed> the flash video by importing.

What is the css code for posting a picture?

A picture (other than the background) is done in HTML. Borders and the like are controlled with CSS.

How do you insert a picture from netbeans 6.5?

By using the html code we can able to insert the imagein netbeans.

What will be the HTML syntax of the image after copying it to a CD?

An image does not have an HTML syntax. If you copy an image from a Webpage, you save just the image file (e.g. image.jpg). You do not save any of the HTML code used to tell the browser where to locate the image to display on the page.

How come i can't see the picture i added to my presentation on howrse?

You need to use HTML mode - go to profile > modify > HTML mode > paste in the HTML code > click enter.

How do you send picture from on site to another site?

Just copy the URL or HTML code of the picture from one site and paste it in the other site.....

What is the HTML code for linking a picture to a video?

You can put an anchor tag on the picture. It could be done like <a href="video.mp4"><img></img></a>.

You want a picture to repeat down what is HTML code?

You need to use HTML and Styles to do it. For the Pictures/YourImage.gif part you can put in your own code for your picture.background-repeat: repeat-y">Your text

How do you insert a picture in your layout on Howrse?

To insert a picture, you upload the image to Photobucket or Tinypic and look for the 'Direct Link' code. Go to the HTML of your layout and insert the 'Direct Link' code to where it says 'image src:"[code here]" '. -OR- Upload the picture to Photobucket or Tinypic and look for the 'HTML' code. Go to the HTML mode of your page and paste this code at the top. Go back to normal and drag the picture into the desired spot. For Background Images in Scroll Boxes: To make a background, upload the image to Photobucket or Tinypic and look for the direct link code. Go to the HTML of your page/layout and insert the direct link code to where it says, ' <TD background:"[code here]" Hope this helps. Contact me on Howrse at the username of Bella Swan_101 if you have any questions.

What Is The Code To Show An Html A Text?

<code><code>HTML TEXT HERE</code></code>

HTML code has a limit of 10 webpages per site?

No! HTML is simply code. You can write 1 million pages of HTML code if you want. HTML is not a program. Its code. Now you may have a program that uses HTML code and that program has limitations. But not HTML itself.

What is the HTML code for linking a picture to a website?

<code><a href=""><img src=""></a></code> (If code tags are visible in this post, DO NOT insert them)

Building a Website?

Building a website can be seen as a difficult task. People believe that learning code (html) is a very difficult task. The truth is learning code is difficult but previews of code are listed all over the internet. It is a simple process simply to search for a certain code of whatever task you are attempting to perform (such as building a website) and copying and pasting that code into your own html.

What is the HTML code for picture?

That's img. Example: <img src="file.png" width="40" height="40"/>

How do you code a picture with spaces left for up to 5 text boxes as a HTML layout For Howrse?

how am i ment to know

How do you get the HTML code off of a picture you drew on your computer via paint found on most computers?

google it bby