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As with all the processes of your body, eating well and staying active are key to maintaining optimal function. If you have those bases covered, then there are supplements you can look at before you have to consider any drugs or surgical procedures. HairXT100 is an all natural blend of vitamins and minerals that nourish your scalp to keep the follicles healthy and combat hair loss.

Preventing hair loss can be a major concern for both men and women. Although hair loss is more common in men than women, it can still affect both sexes, especially those who have a genetic predisposition to it. Some men and women start to notice hair loss as early as their twenties, but no matter when people start to notice it, they usually don't do anything about it until it is actually happening. Many men and women who know that hair loss runs in their families are probably better off dealing with the problem before it even starts. Preventing hair loss can be much easier than dealing with hair loss and baldness once it happens, and can also be a much cheaper way to deal with the issue. Though not all people who have hair loss and baldness in their family histories will necessarily be afflicted with the problem, most of the time using preventative measures to forestall or prevent hair loss does not have any negative health effects.

Hair fall is a symptom of menopause in both men and women. It is very harmfull for both. You can get relief from menopause by using natural supplement " Xenesis ". Xenesis T for men, Xenesis EP for women. It is natural supplement so it has no side effect and it is very effective and usefull.

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Q: How do you prevent hair loss before it starts?
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Can you apply onion juice directly on hairs for prevent hair loss?

yes you can apply onion juice to your hair to prevent hair loss.

How can one prevent hair loss from shampoo usage?

One can purchase special shampoo that helps to prevent hair loss. By using a mild shampoo and being gentle to one's hair, one can prevent hair loss from shampoo usage.

Does Zinc prevent hair loss?


What vitamins might help prevent hair loss in men?

Vitamins A, E and B are supposed to help prevent hair loss in men. Most times hair loss is hereditary and there isn't much that can be done for that except hair plugs.

Does the virgin coconut oil can cure hair loss?

Coconut oil can help prevent hair loss.

How do you prevent hair loss from wearing helmets?

By tying a scarf or some cloth on your head before wearing helmets.

How can one prevent hair loss with Biotin?

One can prevent hair loss with Biotin by applying Biotin at least twice a day on the section of the scalp or head that one detects is thinning or balding or suffering hair loss.

How do you prevent hair loss due to bulimia?


What are some ways to prevent hair loss?

Some ways you can prevent hair loss is to take care of your hair, wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo and control your stress. Also, eat nutritionally and consider taking supplements.

What is the drug Aminexil used for?

Aminexil is a drug that is used to help hair. It helps prevent hair loss and encourage new hair loss. This is usually used to target hair loss on the head of a person.

What skin structure acts to prevent water loss?

the hair

Where can one purchase vitamins for hair loss?

There are no vitamins to prevent hair loss. The product you want is called, "Rogaine", but it is really expensive.

What are some vitamins to take to prevent hair loss?

There are several vitamins that may help with hair loss. Visit for information and a list vitamins to prevent hair loss.

Is hair loss from Chemo permanent?

hair starts to grow a few wks after treatment is finished

You have moderate hair loss what should you do to prevent that?

take pantogar tablets.

What are some tips to prevent hair loss?

There is no guaranteed way to prevent hair loss. Eating a proper diet with the correct amount of vitamins and minerals is a good start to prevent hair loss.

How do I prevent hair loss and any good diet changes?

You can prevent hair loss by eating healthy such as vegetables like carrots, lettuce, and also fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes, watermelon and make sure you exercise.

Causes of hair loss in children?

A severe lack of nutrition is the true cause of hair loss in children. Children and teenagers need to eat protein supplied foods and more fruits and vegetables in order to prevent hair loss.

What are some cures for hair loss?

Unfortunately there are no real cures for hair loss. There are a wide range of products that profess to cure hair loss but it has been stated that there is no evidence that these work. In order to try and prevent hair loss one should eat a proper diet. It is stated that things such as protein, iron zinc and biotin may assist in the prevention of hair loss.

What shampoos can help prevent hair loss?

Good shampoos against hair loss are "DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo", "RegenePure NT Nourishing Treatment or Pura D‰Ûª" or "Organic Argan Oil Anti Hair Loss Shampoo".

How can a boy prevent hair fall?

Don't wear so many hats. Believe it or not, it can increase the rate of hair loss.

Is wetting the feet first in taking bath prevent hair loss?

WHAT????????????????????????????????????? never heard of that,,,

Does anyone know a business that sells something to prevent hair loss?

There is a business that sell products for hair loss. The name is Revivogen and one can visit their website at They offer several products for hair loss which separate their products for male and females.

Do DHT blockers actually work to stop hair loss and actually regrow hair?

not all times DHT products prevent hair loss but their are a plenty of product instead of this could prevent hair loss and regrow you hair in a matter of 4 months like "provillus" it is a good product with good review and works perfect ,it gives you 2 months supply for free you can try it at :

Are there any over-the-counter, inexpensive shampoos that help with hair loss?

Rogaine is one remedy that has been proven to prevent certain types of male baldness. Finasteride is another that is only available for men. Shampoos which claims to prevent hair loss are not really proven to work. However for a complete overview go to