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I'm sorry, but if you have to ask, should you be having sex? You could either abstain from sex, or use one of the many contraceptives. The most popular are condoms. If she's already pregnant, there's the "plan B" pill that she has to take within 72 hours after the "incident". If it's been passed 72 hours, then you should research the abortion laws for your area, and take her to the clinic (if your state allows). The number one way is abstain from sex. The other dozens would be contraceptives. If your talking about after the sperm has already entered the woman there is a "after the fact" pill that can be taken but it has to be done within a certain amount of time. Why not practice safe sex at all times, then there are no issues. use a condom!!!

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What does the word vasectomy mean?

Vasectomy is a surgery to prevent a man from being able to get a woman pregnant.

Can a pet ferret prevent you from being pregnant?

A pet ferret cannot prevent you from being pregnant.

Does candida prevent women from getting pregnant?

Not true,it can't prevent woman from getting pregnant

Can pepper prevent woman from getting pregnant?

No it can not.

Is it normal for a woman not to have any symptoms if they are pregnant?

being pregnant is a symtom of being pregnant

After a woman becomes pregnant why does ovulation not occur for nine months?

The hormones produced by the pregnancy prevent an egg being released.

Can drinking salt water prevent you from being pregnant?


How late can a sexually active woman be on her period without being pregnant?

A woman can get pregnant before, during and after her period.

What to drink to prevent being pregnant?

There are several methods to avoid getting pregnant; they are called CONTRACEPTIVES. For example, there are certain pills that are taken usually by the woman to avoid a pregnancy; or the man can put a condom on his penis.

Will the doctor give you the depo shot if you are pregnant?

No. Depo-provera is used to prevent pregnancy. It will not be given if the woman is already pregnant.

Can a woman wipe out the semen after the sex to avoid pregnant?

No. This is not an effective way to prevent pregnancy.

Can a man get a woman pregnant if he has diabetes?

Yes, this is usually not something that would prevent pregnancy.

How is exposure to rubella by a pregnant woman treated?

Exposure to chickenpox or rubella by a nonimmune pregnant woman may be treated with an injection of immune globulin to help prevent fetal transmission.

Can a woman have a miscarriage after one week of being pregnant?


Why can't you get the depo shot while you're pregnant?

Depo provera is birth control, meant to prevent pregnancy. It is of no use to a pregnant woman.

What stage is it safe to be in contact with a pregnant women?

There's never a risk of being in contact with a pregnant woman.

Can an employer fire a pregnant woman?

He cannot fire her for being pregnant; but he can fire her for other reasons if he can prove them.

Can you start Depo-Provera while you're pregnant?

Depo Provera is meant to prevent pregnancy, and is of no use to a woman who is pregnant. You can start when you're not pregnant any longer,.

Can a burst appendix prevent a woman from getting pregnant?

not nessesaraly,but might chang the orgains in ones body.

Can you get a woman pregnant if she pregnant?

No. Once pregnant, a woman can't get pregnant-er.

Why can't you take Depo-Provera while you're pregnant?

Depo Provera is birth control meant to prevent pregnancy, and is of no use to a pregnant woman.

How soon after conception will you have side effects of being pregnant?

This is diffrent for each woman.

Can a woman with hpv get pregnant?

A woman with hpv can get pregnant.

Can a woman ovulate if she is pregnant?

No; a woman will not ovulate if she is pregnant.

How does the contraceptive pill prevent pregnancy by using oestrogen and progesterone?

It stops the production or FSH (a hormone) which is needed to create a mature egg.. If there is no egg then there is no chance of a woman being pregnant. Pretty simple really..