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How do you program a uniden bc147xlt?

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Either try this website: or this website: I was looking for info on how to program the BC147XLT too. It's next to impossible to find a manual for it. However, these websites have some very good info help. Good luck!

how do you program a bct7 uniden scanner

I am trying to remove 3 freg on my Uniden355C

Here's a link to the owner's manual. I believe the answer begins on pg 40.

See the related link below for programing tips.

I have the same one it is hard but try the hold button and mess with it more.

You should download software in the related link below and driver for CP2104 USB.

Uniden was created on 1966-02-07.

You could go to to find more about a uniden dsc, or This forum site will help you learn about what a uniden dsc is.

it takes a 8 digit number example 1550.0100 palestine Texas

Try programing in 000.000, if that does not work then you can just lock the frequency out or program over it.

you-knee-den.........=uniden, as in university, uniforn,-unicorn., etc etc etc...

Uniden radios have received many good reviews by users on Amazon, as well as the Uniden website. Users enjoy the quality and sound which the radios produce. The range of the radios are deemed good as well.

Follow the link below to download/print an operating manual that will walk you through the programming process:

The population of Uniden is 2,009.

Follow the link to download/print the manual for your scanner. It will walk you through the programming process.

first power up t then hit manual then go to channel 1 and hit 155.250 and do this for all of the channels :)

There are several kinds of Uniden marine radios, but all of them seem to get pretty good reception. They are generally reviewed very highly by their customers.

You can find Uniden phones for your office at The prices range from $34 to around $200.

Uniden's motto is 'A World without wires'.

Yes, I'm currently using two Uniden DCT646 2.4 GHz Cordless Phones with 1 base.

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