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the ä-sound is pronounced similar to the a- sound in English words like dare and air

the ch-sound is pronounced similar to the h-sound in English words like huge, human

Do bist dare'm'lich

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Q: How do you pronounce du bist dämlich?
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How do you pronounce du bist schwul?

Doo Bisst Shwoohl.

What does the word wo bist du mean in English?

Wie alt bist Du? means: how old are you?

How do you say 'you're stupid' in German?

"du bist doof" or "du bist blöd" or "du bist dämlich" are equivalent to "you are stupid"

What is bist du in English?

Bist du = are you (informal, singular)

What does 'du bist hübsche Frau du bist süß' mean?

Du bist eine hübsche Frau, du bist süß. = You're a pretty woman, you're sweet.

How do you pronounce du bist aber soo scharf?

Phonetically like this:du (doo) bist (bihst) aber (are-ber) so (so) scharf (sharf).

What does bist du in Ordnung mean?

bist du in Ordnung = are you okay

What does du bist scharf mean?

du bist scharf = you are sharp

How do you say you are amazing in German?

"Du bist faszinierend." "Du bist erstaunlich."

How do say you are confused in German?

du bist durcheinander du bist verwirrt

What does du bist all es mean?

"Du bist alles" means "You are everything".

What does 'Du Bist die Ruh' mean?

Du bist die Ruh' = you are the peace.