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How do you pronounce frieze?


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pronounce it as freez.


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i absolutely just love how my frieze is decorated

The frieze appears to be of victorian era.

A frieze is a painting or sculpture on a wall. There are many of them found in the ruins of ancient Egypt.

I am hand-carving a frieze on the building right now.

Alan M. Frieze was born in 1945.

How many Gos and Goddesses are on the Parthenon Frieze

Frieze- means a plain or decorted horizontal part of an enable between the enrichetta

Henry Simmons Frieze was born on 1817-09-15.

Henry Simmons Frieze died on 1889-12-07.

No. Frieze is a decorated piece of interior or exterior wall. Usually at the upper end.

The cast of Classical Frieze - 2008 includes: Eleanor Antin as herself

Jacob Frieze has written: 'Facts for the People: Containing a Comparison and Exposition of Votes on Occasions Relating to ..'

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If you mean freeze, yes it can.

In ancient Egypt, a frieze was a painting or carved sculpture on a wall. They usually depicted stories of religious rites and memorialized important moments in history.

the shaft, the peristyle, the capital, the base, the entablature, the frieze, the cornice, the pediment the shaft, the peristyle, the capital, the base, the entablature, the frieze, the cornice, the pediment

it is a type of painting that is hung on the wall

One word that rhymes with frieze is freeze. Another one is fleas.There are also seize, knees, peas, wheeze, please, trees, squeeze, ease, breeze, tease, tweeze and sneeze.

I believe it is Hellenistic but I'm not 100% on that.

When we build our house my sister has chosen a very pretty fireze

Figures show a combination of ideal beauty and naturalistic detail and proportion is the sentence that correctly describes the Classic Greek relief sculpture in the Parthenon frieze.

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