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How do you pronounce montegue?

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Do you mean "Montague"?


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6: The servants Sampson and Gregory of the Capulets fight the servants Balthasar and Abram of the Montegues. Benvolio Montegue fights Tybalt Capulet. Mercutio Montegue fights Tybalt Capulet. Romeo Montegue fights Tybalt Capulet. Romeo Montegue fights Paris Escalus.

Yes, Lady Montegue died because she was grieving over Romeo who was banished from Verona.

His last name was Montegue

Juliet was NOT a Montague. Juliet was a Capulet; Romeo a Montague.

Montegue Redgrave, a British inventor invented the pinball in 1871.

Romeo was a Capulet; Juliet was from the family Montegue.

Tybalt recognizes Romeo at the ball in the beginnign of the play by his voice. To be precise, he recognizes him as a Montegue for this reason.

Yes, the capulets were only a little bit richer than the Montegue's, but the montegue's are still rich :)

shes happy but scared because she doesnt want to tell her parents shes in love with a montegue

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