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Prounounciation of Didache

Didache is not pronounced like Jordache, nor is it pronounced like what you might say about the pain in your head last night (it did ache). It is a transliteration of the Greek word meaning teaching and is pronounced "di-dah-KAY."


Actually, it is going to depend some on what pronunciation system one uses. Many colleges and universities use the Erasmian pronunciation system, which is a made up system from the 1500s. However, modern Greek pronunciation is perfectly sufficient for texts from the New Testament on, such as the Didache (c. 50-70AD).

Following modern Greek pronunciation, one would pronounce Didache as "thi-thah-KEE." Note that the /th/ sound is the hard /th/ as in "the" or "there," not the soft /th/ as in "with."

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Q: How do you pronounce the Greek word Didache?
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