How do you propose at Space Needle restauraunt?

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The space needle has stopped the restaurant. or the rotation of it.
But it is a very expensive dinner.
I have only had dinner there once and it cost my parents over $400 and that was in 2000.
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Why was space needle built?

The Space Needle was built as an attraction for the Seattle Worlds Fair of 1962.

What is the space needle?

The Space Needle is a 605 foot tower in Seattle, WA. It was built for the 1962 World's Fair. It has a restaurant and an observation deck on top and banquet/meeting space about

Why is the space needle built for what is the space needle used for?

The space needle has nothing to do with space, it is just a tourist location in Seattle, WA that is used for restaurant's. It slowly rotates and mostly just looks cool. Act

Can you see the space needle from space?

No. The Space Needle is too small to be seen from space. The only man made structure you can see from space is the Great Wall of China. I'm ten years old. How am I supposed to
In Washington

Is the space needle cool?

Whether the Space Needle is cool, or not, is purely a matter of personal opinion.