How do you propose at Space Needle restauraunt?

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The space needle has stopped the restaurant. or the rotation of it.
But it is a very expensive dinner.
I have only had dinner there once and it cost my parents over $400 and that was in 2000.
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When was the Space Needle built?

The Space Needle, located in Seattle, Washington, was built in 1962 for the Century 21 Exposition, aka. the 1962 Worlds Fair. Construction work began on 17 April 1961 and it was open for business on 21 April 1962.

Why was space needle built?

The Space Needle was built as an attraction for the Seattle Worlds Fair of 1962.

Who built the Space Needle?

Space Needle was built for the 1962 World's Fair know also as Century 21 Exposition .

How did the space needle get its name?

The space needle was build in the 1940's for the world fair. Thetheme of the fair was the future. The person that build the needlewanted to make some thing that would make people of space. So henamed it the space needle.

Who made the Space Needle?


Who built the Seattle Space Needle?

The Seattle Space Needle first opened on April 21, 1962. ThePentagram Corporation constructed it for the 1962 World's Fair.

How much does the space needle cost?

The space needle cost 111.7 billion dollars to build (or maybe $21 million original construction? (See Wikipedia). You will probably need to pay to ride the elevator to the top. This web site looks like the place for the cost of a ticket, but I don't see it. It seems l ( Full Answer )

What is the space needle?

The Space Needle is a 605 foot tower in Seattle, WA. It was built for the 1962 World's Fair. It has a restaurant and an observation deck on top and banquet/meeting space about a hundred feet up. It is a well known, iconic part of Seattle - with great 360 degree views of Seattle, Lake Union, Puget So ( Full Answer )

Who designed the Space Needle?

The Space Needle, which is in Seattle, Washington, was designed byEdward E. Carlson. It was designed to be unveiled at the Worldâ??sFair in 1962.

A space needle monument?

The Space Needle is a landmark of the Pacific Northwest. The SpaceNeedle, located in Seattle, Washington, has a restaurant andobservation deck.

What is inside the space needle?

Inside the Space Needle is the Observation Deck which is the very top floor. The Second floor Of the space need which is directly under neath that is a restaurant, that has a moving floor that goes in circle, so while you eat you get the entire view of Seattle. Finally the "Space Base" the base of t ( Full Answer )

How much is it to go in the space needle?

Adult (ages 14-64): $17.00 Youth (ages 4-13): $9.00 Child (age 3 & under): Free Senior (ages 65+): $15.00 Active Military Adult w/ ID: $15.00 Active Military Youth w/ ID: $8.00

How does the Space Needle rotate?

Yes. The saucer section on top of the tower is a restaurant and observatory, which rotates full circle every 47 minutes. The Space Needle is able to sway or rotate due to wind speed. It will sway approximately 1 inch per 10mph of wind speed. It rotates with the help of an electric motor.

Facts about the Space Needle?

The Space Needle is an observation tower located in Seattle,Washington. When it was built in 1962 it was the tallest buildingwest of the Mississippi River.

What is The Shape Of The Space Needle?

The architecture of the Space Needle is the result of a compromise between designs. The two leading ideas for the World Fair involved businessman Edward Carlson's sketch of a giant balloon tethered to the ground (see the gently sloping base) and architect John Graham's concept of a flying saucer (se ( Full Answer )

What is the cost of the Space Needle?

It was completed in April 1962 at a cost of $4.5 million, I'm not sure how much that would be in terms of amount today.

What is the space needle zip code?

The ZIP code of the Space Needle is 98168. The full address of the Space Needle is: 400 Broad Street Seattle, WA 98109

Who owns the Space Needle?

Technically it's owned by the Space Needle Corporation, but I believe the Howard S. Wright family (HSW Construction Co.) is the sole shareholder of the Space Needle Corporation.

What is the volume of the space needle?

The Volume of the Space Needle is approwamently 1,699,767 cubic feet. This is not an exact answer simply an approxamation using some basic calculus techniques.

Can you see the space needle from space?

No. The Space Needle is too small to be seen from space. The only man made structure you can see from space is the Great Wall of China. I'm ten years old. How am I supposed to know? well not unless you have a new high tech one that takes really cool pictures of the earth and you can see huge things ( Full Answer )

Does the space needle have stairs?

yes. ** If the Needle has stairs the public are certainly not able to use them, Must take elevator to top and pay!

Is the space needle cool?

Whether the Space Needle is cool, or not, is purely a matter of personal opinion.

Where Abouts in Seattle is the space needle?

A real answer would be that the Space Needle is at The Seattle Center. address 400 Broad Street. Its very near downtown. heard of the EMP? its at the same place. Same place the Sonics play - The Key Arena. the neighborhood i would say is lower Queen Anne Hill. Uh... look in the sky. It's the big ( Full Answer )

Is the space needle an arch or dome?

No, its neither. Its a tall tower structure. That was built for the Seattle worlds fair of 1962. You can take the elevator to the top. There is an observation deck and a restaurant. It was built to look "space age" for 1962. But No dome , NO arch.

Why was the Seattle Space Needle created?

The Space Needle was built or created as an attraction for the Seattle Worlds Fair of 1962. It is a big tourist attraction now, as well as a famous landmark for the City.

What is the significance about the space needle?

the short answer is that it was built for the Seattle worlds fair in 1962. it is significant to the city now as a tourist attraction and i think most locals like it too. Its certainly a significant and very recognizable landmark for the city of Seattle.

What supports the Seattle Space Needle?

The Space Needle's concrete foundation goes 30 feet underground. To balance its 605 foot structure, the Space Needle's concretefoundation had to be 30 feet deep because its base was limited to a120 by 120 foot area, due to size constraints of the lot it waspurchased on.

What is inside the Seattle space needle?

We can get the best view in town there.. It's a one place to see every place, and there are also Swarovski Telescopes in the Observation Deck, which is at the top. There's also a skycity restaurant. The entire restaurant moves 360 degrees allowing you to take in each course of the city as you take i ( Full Answer )

Does the space needle rotate?

As seen from the ground, the Space Needle does not rotate. The floor of the fine dining restaurant does. The top of the Space Needle (some times call the "Eye of the Needle") is building with 2 floors open to the public. The top floor is the observation deck. There you can step off the elevators in ( Full Answer )