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How do you protect kids from a wood stove that will not be in use without spending a fortune?


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There isn't a big danger if it isn't in use. The only danger would be if they fell and hit themselves on it. You'll just have to watch them carefully around the wood stove and teach them not to run around it and to be careful. Kids can learn at a really young age the proper behavior around different things or people.

Secure the door with a plastic wrap and tie it well, to prevent anyone from opening the door.

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You can go to most baby stores or a baby store online and buy "bumpers" for the outside of the stove or gates to go around the entire stove. Neither should be very expensive. The gate will fasten to the walls. You shouldn't have to do too much for it to be considered safe.

A stove board is a rectangle or square of sheet steel, usually having sides of about three or four feet, backed with thin insulation, used for the stove to sit on to protect the floor. You can also protect the wall behind a stove by putting a stove board behind it. Very old stove boards might be backed with asbestos, and I would avoid them.

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