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You could try to limit the amount of time/contact your ex-spouse has with your child (possibly easier if you move away) and consciously counteract their demeaning/demanding/damaging involvement in the child's life by being the supportive, understanding, mature parent who attempts to be a counterbalance. This is terribly hard if you are also trying not to set up conflicts of loyalty for your child between the two of you as parents. i have a now grown up son who has suffered from this situation and I can't honestly claim that I sorted out the dilemma for him - i think whatever my attempts at reinforcement he has been undermined by his father's scathing scorn mixed with bribery, though he is himself a lovely kind human being, intelligent and talented. I am afraid his confidence is still dented by the relationship.

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Q: How do you protect your children from a narcissist post-divorce?
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