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What is a complex sentence

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What is an example of abstract language

What does complex sentence mean

Ethos assures your reader or audience that you have

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Q: How do you prove that someone was negligent after the car he hired got stolen. The person assured you that security shall be provided to the vehicle at all times?
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What is gross negligent?

Gross negligence is when someone greatly negligent, leading to serious injury or death.

How can someone be considerate and negligent at the same time?

You may be considerate in the effort of doing something for someone and negligent at the same time when you fail to carry out the action.

What does negligent means?

It is where someone is responsible to do something, but they failed to do it. Such as--> He was suppsoed to have shown up for work but he didn't; he was negligent in his job duties.

Where can someone sign up to take the written exam for CCIE security?

You can sign up to take the written exam for CCIE security online at Informator, a service with several Cisco courses provided by the company FastLane.

What is the prison sentence for accidentally killing someone?

It depends on the situation. Was this an accident or was it negligent? Indirectly killing someone is not always punishable if it's just a tragic accident and it's not really anyone's fault. If you do something that could kill someone and it happens it could be negligent homicide, it could lead to 10 to 20 or 20 to life depending on the judge and the facts of the case.

How do you report a negligent doctor?

Dealing with a doctor whom you trust has been negligent can be an angering and upsetting condition. Doctors can be negligent in many ways, including recommending medications to which you are sensitive, giving you improper advice or even botching a surgical process. When you believe a doctor has been negligent, there are several ways to report the situation, whether you are seeking a legal remedy or you simply want to prevent someone else from going through the same thing.

If you were off-roading in your Jeep without a driver's license or insurance in California are you liable if someone hits you?

If you were negligent absolutely.

Under the law of negligent entrustment?

Under the law of negligent entrustment.....what? This isn't really a question. I can tell you that negligent entrustment generally arises when the owner of a motor vehicle entrusts it to someone who they know will drive it in an unsafe manner, causing a third party to be injured. In such cases, the owner of the vehicle, as well as the driver, can be held jointly and severally liable.

Synonym for someone who is careless?

irresponsible, sloppy, cavalier, offhand, neglectful, lackadaisical, negligent, thoughtless, absent-minded, nonchalant, slapdash

What is a response to someone who saysRest assured there will be a test?

cram study the day before the test

How would someone hold an ambulance service accountable in Pa for negligent actions that resulted in a prolonged hospital stay and caused several more problems by being negligent?

This sounds like a medical malpractice lawsuit. Contact a local malpractice attorney.

What is criminal negligence homicide?

Homicide by criminal negligence is the commission of a negligent act which resulted in the death of someone. There has to have been no intention whatsoever to hurt someone, let alone cause his death.

How can you use assured in a sentence?

"Assured" is the past-tense form of "assure". To "assure" someone is to tell them that something is safe or instill confidence in them or make them sure of something."I assured Matt that he would get more playing time on the court in the next game.""My scholarship is assured."

Breaches of security on the net?

Breaches of security on the net means that someone who is not authorized has breached the security of a company. Someone has gained access to files or data by hacking into a system.

If someone killed a lamb while haying my pasture and didn't offer to reimburse me could I take him to small claims court?

Who was the negligent party?

What is a negligent tort?

Basically someone that causes an injury due to their own negligence. Here is the full definition:

Should a parent be liable if a child uses their gun to kill someone?

I would say it depends on the situation, but if the parent did something negligent, yes.

What is negligent tort?

Basically someone that causes an injury due to their own negligence. Here is the full definition:

What are some words that describe someone who doesnt care what others think of them?

negligent, unconcerned, happy-go-lucky, indifferent, easy-going

Can a collection agency prosecute someone on supplemental security income?

A collection agency can collect from someone on social security or disability. If you incurred a debt, you can be prosecuted.

What does negligent hiring mean?

Negligent hiring is a process in which the employer will be charged when one or many of his employees harms someone in the job. It happens when the court determines that the employer should know through a background check about the employee's mental nature. Because of the negligent hiring, many employers are suffering. TO overcome this, employers are forced to do a background check of its employees. There are many service providers like Avvanz who help in finding the right and fit employee.

Where can someone find information about a security system for their home?

There are many websites that someone can visit to find out more about security systems. Quick Safe provides products and information about how to protect a property. The site Security Systems offers reviews about security systems.

Where can someone find information about Social Security admin?

Someone can find information about Social Security admin on the official Social Security website of the United States. One can also find information about this on Wikipedia.

What is the difference between man slaughter and murder?

MURDER is the INTENTIONAL killing of someone during the commission of a CRIMINAL act. MANSLAUGHTER is causing the UN-INTENTIONAL death of someone while committing a NEGLIGENT act.

How does someone from Kenya gets social security number?

Kenya social security number