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Unless she tells you there is no way.

A hospital cannot provide you with that information. It's against the law. In any case, what you want to do is an invasion of your friend's privacy.

A person's medical history is protected by federal and state laws, and anyone trying to bypass such laws will find themselves in very serious trouble. It is indeed odd that someone would be concerned with another person's very private issues. Making accusations and prying into someone else's personal affairs often ends up in civil litigation, so such things are better left alone.

If you are really a friend, you wouldn't push the issue, being somebody who recently miscarried, it did a lot of emotional damage, just be a friend and give them the benefit of the doubt. i don't know where I would be without my support system. but if you do find out she wasn't truthful... maybe suggest she get the help and attention she needs, because that is a horrible thing to lie about.

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Q: How do you prove your friend is lying if she faked a pregnancy and then a miscarriage?
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Is there a law against lying about a miscarriage?

No there isn't but it's important the doctor know these things.

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My fiance thinks I'm lying about having a miscarriage how do I prove to him that I did?

If it wasn't too long ago you might still have pregnancy hormones in you and that would show in a blood- or urine test (as positive for pregnancy). if that has passed and you didn't see a doctor afterwards there is no proof. Otherwise you could have asked the doctor who examined you and maybe performed a D&C on you to explain.

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