How do you prove your love for him?

Love isn't something you prove, it's something you do for the sake of love and just love. When you love someone you don't have to keep proving it, because it's in your eyes, the smile on your face, your warmth and caring. You can tell a person a thousand times a month how much you love them, but actions speak louder than words. That special beaming smile when you see them, hugging and kissing them, etc. It's the little things you do such as listening if they have a problem and really caring and helping all you can. When you partner isn't feeling well, you're there, and when he is down then you bring laughter into the situation. You can't buy love and you can't force love on someone if they don't love you back. If you respect yourself, have a good soul and heart then that's what sticks out and tells that special someone what a great person you are and how much you love them. If the person doesn't see that in you and doesn't treat you the same back, then you haven't found that "special someone." That's why so many people complain about their relationships. They meet the wrong person, stay anyway and don't move on in search of the true person that should be in their lives.

Quit worrying about so much because when love happens to you, you'll know it and from there it should be caring, respect, loyalty, laughter, and sticking together through thick and thin.

Good luck Marcy