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What is the prefix of dysentery?

The prefix of dysentery is dy. The suffix of dysentery is sentery. Dysentery is an inflammation of the colon or intestines.

Causes of dysentery?

the thing that causes dysentery is

What is dysentery what is the sign of dysentery?

explosive diarrhea

Is there a cure to dysentery?

no there is no cure for dysentery but they can get treatment

Where did dysentery exist?

Dysentery exists in the small intestine

What is a sentence that has the word dysentery in it?

They all suffered from dysentery after drinking the dirty water.

How do you prevent deforestation?

U can prvent deforestation by not cutting down trees

Does eating a lot of raw rice prvent you to conceive for a baby?

Absolutely not

How can you prvent food spoilage from bacteria?

i know that 1 way is pasteurisation

How did Jacques Marquette die?

He died of dysentery In 1677.dysentery

What is amoebic dysentery caused by?

Amoebic dysentery is caused by bacteria.

Is dysentery deadly?

Yes, if left untreated, dysentery can be fatal.

What insect causes dysentery?

The insect that cause dysentery is flies

Amoebic dysentery and bacillary dysentery differ in the?

etiologic agent

Dysentery in a sentence?

Sorry, I was suffering from a mild case of dysentery.

Where in the body does dysentery attack?

The gut. The main symptom of dysentery is diarrhea.

How do you treat dysentery in the 1800s on the Oregon trail -?

how to treat dysentery in the 1800s

What is a sentence for dysentery?

While serving his sentence in prison, he suffered from dysentery.

What type of pathogen causes amoebic dysentery?

The type of pathogen that causes amoebic dysentery is known as shingellosis. This is also referred to as bacillary dysentery.

What caused pioneers to get dysentery?

Pioneers got dysentery from dirty water and food. When they digested the bacteria, they got very sick and got dysentery.

What protozoan parasite causes dysentery?

ingesting amoeba causes amoebic dysentery

What body systems does dysentery affect?

Dysentery is primarily a gastro-intestinal disease.

Is shigella dysentery a parasite or virus?

Dysentery is caused by an amoeba which is a parasitic protist.

How do you use dysentery in a sentence?

If we help people build good wells, they are less likely to die of dysentery.He died of dysentery because the floods polluted his well.Modern santitation has prevented dysentery in civilized parts of the world.

Why do papaya seeds cause dysentery?

Only foods that are contaminated with a parasite can cause dysentery. If a grown papaya is infected it will cause dysentery and severe gastrointestinal problems.