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If you want to punish her, you don't love her. Punishment is a form of domination, not love. So if you don't trust her, you need to find out why. Move on, brother, you don't know what love is yet. She's not worth it, and you need to look inside yourself to find out why you want to be the boss of another human being. The path you're on now will lead to abuse, so stop and think now before you become a physical abuser.

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How do you punish your girlfriend who is 21?

You don't punish your girlfriend you idiot!

How do you punish your employee for lying on an affidavit?

Sit on him/her

How do you deal with a lying cheating girlfriend?

I would deal with it by finding another girlfriend!

How do know if your girlfriend is lying about size?

About the size of what?

Why do man feel like cheating when they keep telling his girlfriend he loves her?

If a man has another girlfriend, he is already lying to his first girlfriend and he is most likely lying to his second girlfriend. The man does not care about or have respect either of them. This describes a narcissist. because they are evil

How do know if girlfriend is lying about size?

buy her "that size" nd den u will see if she was lying..or not.. -m.n.-

What should you do when you find out the your girlfriend has been lying to you and is cheating?

Get rid.

Is there a connection between lying and smiling?

Yes, if your boy/girlfriend is smiling awkwardly and not looking directly at you that means they are lying to you about something.

How do you convince your best friend that his girlfriend is lying?

you try to get proof that she's lying and then when u get it, show it 2 ur friend

Is Tae Handrich lying about being Zayn Malik's girlfriend?

Yes, she is lying. She's nothing more than a fan.

How can you tell if your girlfriend is a pathological liar?

If she is always lying to you, then she is a pathological liar.

Have Jordan jansen ever had a girlfriend?

No, Jordan has never had a girlfriend. He admitted so on a youtube video. Whoever said he has, is lying.

What should you say to your girlfriend that I am not lying?

if you love me, you will trust me. i woudn't do ____ because i love you.

What to do if your child is a lying thief?

Punish them and set a good example. A liar and theif indicate established patterns-of which there wouldn't be if aforementioned was there and or sufficient.

What to do if your girlfriend treat you bad?

Run! She's not your girlfriend so stop lying to yourself. She has a hate on for you but pretends to be your best friend. Don't believe it.

Does Jake t austen have a girlfriend?

Jake t Austin does not have a girlfriend so for the people who are saying he does are lying. Jake said that he was waiting for the special girl !

How can you tell if your girlfriend is lying?

Pay attention, especially when she talks, and see if she makes conflicting statements about her whereabouts, or who she was with etc. If she's lying , eventually she will trip herself up.

Does Miles Heizer have a girlfriend?

Actually, he does. He dates my friend. And whoever answered that before was lying to you. That wasn't her. (:

How do you know if your girlfriend is lieing?

tell her to look in to your eyes, then if she looks away or laughs then shes lying.

Why is your alcoholic girlfriend of the past 6 months lying?

We have broken up do to our drinking and lack of comunication.

What should you do when you think your girlfriend is lying to you?

u should just forget about her and look for someone else

What should you do if your girlfriend is lying to you?

i cant answer this you figure it out on your own!:( or get a life and grow up really quick

How old is roc royal girlfriend?

she is 34 yrs old she is a grown lady lying about herage..

My ex boyfriend has a girlfriend and still tells me he loves and misses me how should I respond to him?

I think that if he has a girlfriend now and he is telling you these things, he might be lying he might just want to play games with both you and his current girlfriend I say start a brand new relationship with someone you like and ignore this guy. Tell him that if he loves you he would not be with his current girlfriend and to please stop lying to you and leave you alone, and to not play games with you. If he wants you he will end it with his girlfriend that in that case he does not love and he will be happy with you.

Does Kareem Mckenzie 67 GIANTShave a girlfriend?

There have been a lot of girls that claim they live with him but I think they are all lying.