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How do you put GameCube games on your ds?


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no because ds has no connection with other games, such as

wii,playstation,gamecube,psp and much more

no because ds has no connection with other games, such as

wii,playstation,gamecube,psp and much more

no because ds has no connection with other games, such as

wii,playstation,gamecube,psp and much more

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No, you cannot play DS games on a GameCube. The DS was released three years after both the GameCube and Game Boy Advance, and there is no peripheral to play DS games on the GameCube.

You can't play Nintendo DS games on the Wii. It only works with GameCube games

The Nintendo GameCube cannot play Nintendo DS games

No it is IMPOSSIBLE to play DS games on the Wii but you can play Nintendo Gamecube games with the Gamecube controller

No, I do not think so...

No, the game is for the Wii and DS, and was not released on the GameCube. Wii games aren't playable on the GameCube, though GameCube games can be played on the Wii.

No you cannot, your best bet would be a sequel to the game for the DS.

no but you can buy an accessory for the gamecube that lets you play game boy games on.

No but U can play GameCube games, N64 games and GBA.

there is no difference between the ds games and DSi games. so You Can put ds games in the DSi

No a ds is smaller. Yes, the gamecube is bigger

nope only gamecube but u can play gamecube games on wii with a gamecube controller and memory card

No, You can only play GBA & Nintendo DS game 'cartridges' on Nintendo DS Lite.

no you cannot. but you can take game cube game Pokemon, (Xd or colluseum) and trade them to a gameboy game via gc to gba cable. and then you can migrate those Pokemon into a ds Pokemon game, after you unlock pal park. But you can't put your ds Pokemon into a gamecube game.

Put it in like you put in a wii disc

So far, you can't. There are games that can cooperate with DS, but not like using the GBA adapter on the Gamecube.

Yes you can but you will need a Gamecube controller and memory card to do so.

No, because there is no way to connect a gamecube to a ds.

All gamecube games can be played on a wii just put in the disc the same way you put in wii games go to the disc channel and then start the game BUT you have to use gamecube controllers in order to play them.

No, the GBA portion of a DS is completely unable to access the DS's wireless capabilities. A GBA game in a DS is unable to connect to any device, be it a GBA with a wireless adaptor, another DS, a Gamecube or a Wii.

You put the gamecube game in the wii, and play it with a gamecube controller. A save card is recommended but is not necessary

No not only because the Gamecube games are smaller than the the xbox's but they are made by two different companies.

No, the DS is wireless and can't be linked to a GameCube.

Yes, all games labeled NINTENDO DS will work on ds lite, dsi, and dsi XL game controllers. Also, Gamecube games will work on ds lites.

no only gamecube sorry trust please

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