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In order to put music on an iPod, first put the music into your computer's iTunes (download this if necessary). Once the music is in the iTunes, syncing the iPod should put the music in.

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Can an iPod work with rhapsody?

No - the iPod does not support the DRM used by Rhapsody - it only supports the DRM used by Apple.You can purchase MP3s (which have no DRM at all) and put them on an iPod, but you can't put Rhapsody subscription music on an iPod.Or remove DRM protection from Rhapsody player downloads to plain MP3s to put into iPod.

What is the best music to put on a ipod touch?

The best music to put on an iPod Touch is the music you enjoy.

How do you put music into your iPod Shuffle?

You can put music onto your ipod shuffle by downloading music onto your computer then uploading it to itunes which can then transfer the music to your ipod.

Do you need itunes to put music on ipod?

yes you do that is the only way to put music on your IPod

Can you put music on a jailbroken iPod Touch?

Yes, you can put music on a jailbroken iPod Touch.

Can iPods work with rhapsody?

No, Ipods are not compatible with the Rhapsody service, unless you download a DRM free MP3 track from Rhapsody and then convert it to the Ipod format using the Itunes software.Another method is to remove DRM protection from Rhapsody player downloads and convert Rhapsody to plain MP3 or M4A that supported by iPod. I use Daniusoft Music converter.

How can you put music on your iPod for free without itunes?

To put music on you iPod without iTunes is impossible. iTunes and iPod don't they sound a lot alike. So to put music on your iPod is impossible without iTunes.

How do you upload your music that is on your computer to your iPod?

Put the music into Itunes and then sync them to your iPod

Can you put oasis' music on your iPod?

Yes. You can put Oasis' music on your iPod in the same fashion as any other band's music.

Can you put a regular music on a iPod?

You can get music from iTunes.

To put music in an iPod do need a CD?

No, you do not need a CD to put music on your iPod Touch. The individual song just has to be in your iTunes Music library.

Do you have to buy music from iTunes to listen to music on your ipod?

No, you do not. I believe you do need to have iTunes to put music on an iPod, but you can download the actual music off the internet or Limewire, etc, put it in iTunes, and then load it onto the iPod from there.

How do you put music in the iPod Shuffle?

You use itunes to down load music to an ipod shuffle

How do you put Korean music videos on your ipod?

Put the format for your music video in mp4. Then open iTunes, connected to your ipod, and drag it in!

How do you put music onto an old ipod shuffle?

In order to put music onto an old iPod Shuffle, you need to put it on through iTunes. Your iTunes must mesh with the iPod app.

What is a good website to download music on ipod?

rhapsody. or i-tunes....maybe limewire..... but i would no suggest that at all.....(sorry about my spelling)

Can you add music to an Ipod touch through rhapsody?

Yes you can my friend does it all the time she says you just look it to the website

How do you get music on to your iPod?

You can either download music off of a CD, or off of iTunes. iTunes is probably the best place to download, in my opinion. You can also use Rhapsody.

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