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Number 1 cylinder at top dead centre on compression take off distributor cap make sure that roater is on number one cylinder if it dont fire up turn roater 180 degrees. 93 Ford Probe does not have timing marks

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 00:28:13
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Q: How do you put a 93 Ford Probe back in time?
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How do you unfreeze the back cam of a 94 ford probe with a 20 DOHC?

put it in hot water :)

How do you put oil filter adapter gasket Ford Probe?

put it in

Where do you put fluid into the carburetor for a Ford Probe?

You don't!

Can put a Ford Probe gt bumper on a Ford Probe base?

NO you can't because a ford probe Gt is a v6 while the ford probe base is a flat 4. Because of this the car is shaped differently including the bumper so you need to order a bumper for a base ford probe. this guy is wrong it is a direct bolt on and its inline 4 not flat 4

How do you change out a Ford Probe Transmission?

take out the old on and put in the new one

Where do you put the transmission fluid in a 93 ford probe v6?

if you can see the dipstick you put it in there if not there will be a tank in the engine

Where do you put brake fluid in a 1994 Ford Probe?

The 1994 Ford Probe has a brake fluid reservoir that should be mounted on the drivers side firewall. Remove the cap on top to add fluid.

Can you put a manual transmission out of a Mazda in to an 89 ford probe gl?

why would you want too

How much antifreeze do you put in a 1996 Ford Probe GT?

According to the manual, 7.9 quarts.

Can you remove the manual transmission out of 93 ford probe se and put in a 96 ford probe gt v6 manual transmission that's shot?

Negative......V6 uses different trans than I4

What modifications do you need to do to fit a 305 in a 95 Ford Probe?

putting a 305 in a ford probe would be more expensive that buying a car that would outrun it in the end. ford probe is front wheel drive and the body and frame (unibody) will not come close to taking the weight or abuse that the v8 will expose it to. as far as modifications they would be MAJOR. into the thousands of dollars. dont waste your time. get an SHO motor from a probe and put it in there. it will run with most v8s comfortanly and at a huge savings to your wallet.

How do you repair the voltage meter on a 1994 Ford Probe?

you can't repair one you would have to buy a new one and put it on

How do you bleed air from a power steering pump in a 1993 ford probe?

put an air compressor hose on one end

Is it possible to convert a 1994 Ford Probe automatic transmission to a manual transmission by using another ford probe?

its possible to do anythign, as long as you wanna put the work into it.. if its the same motor its easier...make sure you do all the pedals, and you will have to swap the computer too

Can you put a 2.2 L motor and transmission from a 1990 Ford Probe GL into a 1989 or 1991 probe GL?

Yes 89-92 2.2l nonturbos are the same, and 89-92 turbos are the same

Will Pontiac sun fire rims fit a Ford Probe?

no sorry to say they want the bolt pattern is to small but a Toyota,jeep, ford ranger and some oldsmobiles will if you use Toyota or ford ranger rims you have to but a spacer or five washers on b4 you put on the rim to keep it off the calapers i have a 96 ford probe and i have some kind of ford rims on it and i had to but washers on and then the rims to keep it from rubbing

How do you adjust timing on 93 ford probe?

you can move the distibutor on the valve cover you know what i am talking about where your spark plugs plug into you can gain about five hp but your computer will put it back when it finds out you have to buy a msd ingnithion box

Can you put the back seat down in a ford puma?

No ..

How do you adjust the headlights on a 1997 Ford Probe GT?

there are four screws behind the covers on the probe head lights put the car up to a building on a flat serface and adjust the lights to whare u wont them.

Where do you pour coolant in a Ford Probe 1998 2.4?

no such thing man only made the probe till '97 and only put a 2.5 v6, 3.0 v6, and 2.0 i4 in them quit screwin around

Can you put Manual transmission out of a 1989 Ford Probe in a 1995 Ford Probe that is an automatic?

CHANGE TRANSMISSION AND PEDALS CHANGE ALLL THE AUTOMATIC STUFF TO FIVE SPEED STUFF No you cannot put a 89 transmission in a 95. There were 2.2 in the earlier years the 89 transmissions will only fit from like an 89-92. Then from 93-97. Which have a 2.0.

Can you put air in your air shocks of a Ford Expedition?

Is there a way to put air in back shock off a ford expedition

Where do you put the transmission fluid and check it on a 1993 ford probe automatic?

You check it and add fluid at the same place. Look on the transmission for a dipstick.

How do you put a gear shift back into 1993 ford 5 speed transmission?

how do you put gear shift back into 1993 ford f-150 5 speed transmission

How do you put a master cylinder back on a 2001 Ford Explorer sport?

How do I put on a 2001 ford explorer cylinder? I am in the process of changing my front brakes and the cylinders will not push back in?