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How do you put a broken candle back together?

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Repairing a candle use a match/lighter to melt both broken sides and stick them back together. It will probably always be a little weak in that spot, but you may be able to make it look almost 'like-new.'

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Young Frankenstein where did he say to put the candle?

He (and Inga) said 'Put the candle back', meaning back in the candle holder.

Can a broken egg be put back together?

i dont think you can

Can you burn a candle put together with super glue?


How do you fix a broken ground on a guitar?

Basically you have to reconnect it. If the wire is truly broken solder it back together. If it came loose from a screw, put back and tighten it up.

How do scientists put back together broken fossils?

all they do is make that shape out of a exsra bone and glue it back on like nothing happened.

What should you do if your PS1 game is broken?

You will have to buy a new one as PS1 discs were not made to be put back together.

How does co2 h2o get broken into pieces then put back together during photosynthesis?

It is about the reaction. they produce glucose as a product.

What to do when a hamster's back is broken?

have it put down. It doesn't deserve to suffer a broken back.

How do you catch the monster in mission 5?

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Yes broke my hand once and they had to cut it open to put it back together

What is the name of the moon that seemed to be broken then put back together by gravity?

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How do you put a Nerf recon gun back together?

Put the parts in place and screw it back together.

How do you put back together a Japanese hexagon eraser?

How do you put back together a Japanese hexagon earaser

How do you put drive shaft back together?

mk3 golf tdi 1.9 how to put back together

Why is the candle burning a chemical change?

Think of it this way: Physical changes can be undone: if you cut a piece of wood, you can put it back together and it's still all there. However, you can't un-burn a candle because the energy has been released as heat and light.

What do you need to catch the mutant crab thing on clubpenguin?

you need a candle from the ski lodge the net from the beach and the rope in the lighthouse. When you put all or em together you get a you need a candle from the ski lodge the net from the beach and the rope in the lighthouse. When you put all or em together you get a

How do you fix a broken key?

You just have to go get a different key made. Sorry :( Most keys are brass and I have never saw them put back together.

Can you put a Harrington and Richardson Top Break 22 7-Shot Revolver back together with a broken spring leaf?

You need a gunsmith

What is the process of breaking down the nucleus of the atom called?

Breaking the nucleus of an atom is called fission. The opposite is called fusion. (When two broken bones are put back together, they will fuse together.)

How do you make the trap for the creature in club penguin?

you get the rope from the lighthouse then you get the net from the beach you also get the candle ( only one) then you go to the ski lounge then in your inventory combine the net and the rope together then put it on the tree then you put the candle on it.

What if a gerbil has a broken back?

You would have to have the gerbil put down.

Why do doctors put a cast on arm or leg that is broken?

the cast lets the broken bone stick together and it has to get used to it

What is a theme of a book about trust?

you need to earn it over a period of time but like glass,once broken,it's difficult to put it back together again.