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A mute kind of looks like a smiley face with no smile, so where the "eyes" are will go on the D and A string (2 middle strings). There is usually 2 slits on the side of the mute, so you could just slide the mute on to the strings. Then once the mute is on the strings behind the bridge, you can just slide the mute on the hook over the bridge. This will prevent some of the vibration making the violin sound softer.

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How do you put a mute on a violin?

A violin mute is a heavy piece of rubber that has slits cut in it to fit over the strings, so you only need to put it in place over the strings and it will stay there on it's own.

Where is a mute put on a violin?

On the Bridge

What are the rubber pieces seen on some violin strings at the bridge called?

A mute

What is a tourte mute?

It is used on a violin, it is a price of rubber which sits on the bridge in-between the a and d string.

What is a violin mute?

A violin mute is a little piece placed on the bridge of a violin to make the sound quieter. It is used in both solo and orchestral works to create a different effect.

When was the violin mute invented?

The violin mute has been in existence almost as long as the Violin itself has been. The earliest recorded use of the mute in a composition is in Lully's Armide, which is dated at 1686. The mute did not gain widespread use until the late classical and early Romantic period, roughly 1800.

How do you put a sponge shoulder rest on you violin?

put the rubberband under the chin rest. then put sponge under the violin reach for a section of the rubber band. Then put tha t over the sponge then hook it to a corner of the violin.

How do you put your violin sponge on your violin?

I Know it sounds bad but when i didnt have a proper rest i used a sponge so take a rubber band. Put the sponge where your shoulder is a sort of stretch the rubber band around the shoulder part and the sponge will stay in place.

Why is a mute used on a violin?

Mutes are used to dampen the sound of a violin which becomes more warm and dull. Mutes are placed on the bridge of the violin and can be easily taken on and off!

How do you use a cello mute?

You place the mute (a small piece of rubber) between the bridge and the tailptece on whichever strings you want.

Why the c natural on a string on the violin sound so bad compared to other notes?

If you put a viola c string on a violin, it will probably sound like a rubber band because the violin is not big enough to allow the sound to develop.

How do you mute your video on YouTube?

You can't mute it. But you can put the volume low.

How do you make the violin get softer?

Either press lightly on the bow when playing, play closer to the finger board or use a mute. (a little black rubbery thing you put on your strings)

How do you make a violin play quietly?

By either not pressing hard with your bow on the strings or putting a mute on it.

The trumpet player can put a what in the bell to make the sound softer and quieter?

A mute. The trumpet player can put a mute in the bell to make the sound softer and quieter.

What is mute on brass instruments?

A mute is a device you put in the bell of a brass instrument to alter the sound of the instrument. There are many types of mute, and they are most commonly used in trumpets.

Why is a mute used on a violin to muffle the sound to stop the sound or to vibrate the sounds?

A mute is used to dampen the sound. Different mutes dampen different amounts but they do not stop the sound. Vibrato is used to vibrate the sounds

Does the flute have a mute?

No, Flutes are musical instrunments./ Musical instruments have mutes. Like violin, trumpet, trombone, etc. But flutes, do not. -BJ

What can a trumpet player put in the the bell to make the sound softer?

Put a trumpet mute in.

How do you put a violin together when you buy it?

A violin should only come in one piece

What is the violin made out of?

Follow the related link below (Violin Making) and you will not only learn what a violin is made of but also how it is put together.

How do you mute keypad HUAWEI hbu83s?

You will have to put the phone on silent

How does a person play the violin?

put your fingers on it

What does con as in con sordina mean?

The word "con" means "with" in English, and the word "sordina" means "mute". So, the phrase con sordina means that the music is to be played "with a mute". This could be a mute on your trumpet, violin, drums, etc. Similar uses of "con": "con anima" means with spirit, "con fuoco" means with fire

Is there such thing as a plug in violin?

One could put an electric pickup on a violin. I don't think "plug in violin" would be the best name for it, though.