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How do you put a video on your profile in gaiaonline?


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March 13, 2009 5:01AM

First, head over to your Profile. At the top of your profile there is a long black bar with a bunch of words on it. Click on the words "Edit My Profile Layout". Once your Page has loaded, scroll down until You see a box titled "Media". On the right hand side at the top of that box, click the words "Edit". A box will come up that says "Edit Media". In the space where it says "URL", type in the web address of the video You want to show up on your Profile. (For Example, "".) After you're through, click the word "Update". To the right there's a long blue bar that has the word "Save" at the bottom. Click on that word, then when you get to the next Page click "View" on the same blue bar. Now you're finished!!!!