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How do you put an alternator in a 2002 Kia Spectra?


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I used to have a 2002 Kia Spectra LS and I have replaced my alternator myself. I will suggest you pray first because it is a little tricky thing to do. Do the following through the passenger side of the engine bay of course with the hood up. First and most important is to disconnect the negative connection to the battery (driver side). Using a 12mm socket loosen the tension adjusting screw and bracket screw. Using a 10mm socket or open end remove wirings. Pinched other connector to remove. Using 14mm socket with 3/8 drive ratchet remove the big bolt on the lower side of the alternator. You might need some help from a pipe for extra leverage. Remove all parts that will hinder the removal of the alternator.For example the charcoal cannister on the firewall just slide up. AC lines may be in the way. If you have AC, also dismount the cruise control cable, remove the canister bracket, remove the ground wire from the intake manifold, and unbolt the AC line bracket from the fender. In order to ease the alternator through the opening by turning the alternator until it can pass through the opening, I offer the following". Face the pulley up, and the bracket ears oriented frontward and back. I had the Battery connector to the back, and succeeded, but not without hanging up a bit. I am not trying it again, except sending he new one the other way round. If you have AC, you'll be wedging it a little this way and a little that way. The nub for the ground wire screw on the manifold is a key sticking point. This info came from kia - forums . com

That's it.

Installation of the replacement is just the opposite. Do not over tighten the alternator belt for it will ruin you bearings prematurely. Should be able to deflect 1/4 of an inch with slight pushing pressure against the belt downwards.


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Loosen the alternator tensioner bolt. The alternator belt will become loose. Remove the alternator belt. Put the new alternator belt on and reverse the process.

The 1995 Infinity alternator can be replaced by removing the alternator belt. Removing the wiring harness from the back of the alternator. Removing the alternator retaining bolts. Put the new alternator on and reverse the process.

It can put out too many volts and destroy the battery but not drain it. The alternator should put out between 13.5 to 16 volts.

you take out the alternator, and put a new one in.

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