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How do you put codes in a GameShark?

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How do you put codes on a GameShark version 2?

How do I put codes on my gameshark

Can you put in gameshark codes without gameshark?

No, you cannot. Because you have to put the codes into the GameShark itself and then put your game in.

Where do you put GameShark codes on Pokemon?

on the gameshark

How do you put GameShark codes into a VisualBoy Advance?

To put Gameshark codes into VisualBoy Advance, click Cheats and then Cheat list. Then click "Add Gameshark..." and put a description of the GameShark code in the upper box and the code in the lower. Click on "YouTube video: How to put Gameshark codes in VisualBoy Advance" in the Related links to see a video tutorial.

Pokemon Pearl GameShark codes exist?

There isn't a gameshark for Pokemon pearl but you can get an action replay to put codes on.

How do you put GameShark codes in for leafgreen?

Careful! This can destroy your game1

How do you put in cheat codes Pokemon sapphire?

Buy a Gameshark.

What are Pokemon LeafGreen GameShark codes?

First get a gameshark then look online for codes after that put the gameshark in the leafgreen game then type in codes. Also the codes can get you Pokemon and items instead of looking and looking you can get them easily. Most gamesharks are $15 to $20. Hope this helps ;)

The World Is Not Enough GameShark codes?

there is gameshark codes

Where Do you Get Gameshark Codes?

In my opinion i think the best way to get Gameshark codes is to either put it in on Google saying the game you want to Gameshark for example "Pokemon Crystal Gameshark codes" if possible go on IGN FAQS but there is also another way by going on super cheats and searching the game you want to mod

Can you get Gameshark codes without gameshark?


Where do you put the codes in Pokemon LeafGreen versin?

go to gameshark

Gameshark codes for Pokemon shiny gold?

use the Gameshark codes from FireRed

How do you put gameshark codes on gameshark in psone?

You can just manually type them in depending on the system you use, some gamesharks allow you to hook them to your computer and update them or in the case of a playstation 2 one, you can add the codes to a usb thumbdrive and update the codes onto the gameshark memory card for use.

Where do you put in the cheat codes for your game?

You need to buy an Action Replay or Gameshark. then enter the codes into there before playing the game

Where can you find gameshark codes for Pokemon Gold?

in neoseeker type Pokemon gold and there is a word gameshark and then click on the word and there gameshark codes

Where can you get codes for GameShark?

You can search for GameShark codes on google by typing "GameShark Codes" and after type for either Ds, Vba, etc. You can also check in youtube and search it but give the specific name and software of the game. Example: 'Pokemon Leafgreen Gameshark Codes'.

Using gameshark codes without gameshark?

no you must have a gameshark to use gameshark code because there is no other way to enter them into the console but if you get a gameshark then many codes come downloaded on them so you don't have to type them in GET GAMESHARK THEY ARE AWSOME

Gameshark codes for platinum?

Just using Google you will find a lot of sites with GameShark codes.

How do you put GameShark codes in the PSP?

I did not intend to be anonymous My name is Macstylz and you can email me at I think the answer to that question is there is no way yet..... without buying the psp gameshark media manager. I would expect someone will create a program for applying gameshark codes to your psp

Gameshark Pokemon LeafGreen?

Do you mean what are some gameshark codes?

What are some gameshark codes for Pokemon diamond?

I don't know any codes, but gameshark will erase memory.

Sonic advance 2 GameShark codes?

There is a gameshark website and to find it search google sonic advance 2 gameshark codes and you might find it.

What is the difference between a gameshark code with 12 characters and a gameshark code with 16 characeters in Pokemon ruby?

I don't know. I don't think there is much of a difference, but there are some 16-digit codes that I want and my Gameshark only lets me put in 12. I have the same question as you. A 16 - digit code is a gameshark code. But a 12 digit code is for a codebreaker. you can find gameshark codes on and Codebreaker codes on -Hope I helped

How do you get an action replay and action replay codes for Pokemon fire red?

You may only use gameshark for Pokemon firered codes! Buy the gameshark from gamestop. There are gameshark codes on youtube and supercheats.