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This is a relatively easy task. Purchase either a tall container of 134a with the nozzle attached or by the hose and gauge either from a Wal-Mart or parts store. With the engine running attach the filler hose to the low pressure side. The original caps on the a/c aluminum tubes run directly in front of the engine and behind the radiator. My caps are blue and have H and L labeled. The low pressure side is thicker than the high. Have the a/c running. Make sure the can is upside down and occasionally shake the can or move it repeatedly as if shaking a paint can side to side. The pressure gauge on the filler house needs to move to the area indicated green. Depending on the amount lost you will need anywhere from 1 to 3 cans of refrigerant. The connections on the new 134a are pop ons and are not screw types.

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Q: How do you put freon in a Honda Civic EX 2 door 1.6 liter engine?
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