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Turn the PSP over so you can see the flap covering the UMD drive. Open this up at the top, and insert the UMD into the slot. Close the flap, and you are good to go.

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What folder do you put PSP mini games into for the PSP?

You put games in the ISO folder.

Can you put PSP games into a PSP go?

no. that is why i have the psp 3000.

How do you transfer PS1 games to PSP?

in to psp folder then put it in games

Can you put PSp games in the PS vita?

You can't put PSP UMD games into a Vita, it has no UMD drive. Some PSP games can be downloaded from the Vita's PSN store.

Can you put playstation 2 games on the psp go?

yes you can. here's how 1. put the psp go in the table 2. then get your ps2 games 3. put the games on the psp go now your done have fun

Can you put Xbox games on a PSP?

No, you can not.

How do you put Nintendo 64 games on a PSP?

The PSP cannnot play Nintendo 64 games.

Can you put PSP games in PSP 3000 unit? is the same

How do you put iso games on my psp?

download them on the computer then sync them on to your psp

Can you put PSP games onto a PSP go?

No, the PSP Go does not have a UMD drive.

Can you put PS3 game on the psp?

no ps3 games are bigger than psp games. it wont fit

Do PSP 3000 games work on PSP go?

You can't put a UMD game into a PSP Go, but PSN games will work on both.

Can psp go put psp games in like the old one?

No,you have to download them.

Are psp games playable on the PS3?

you cant put a psp cd in a ps3

Can you put a PSP game onto your computer?

no cuz psp games are only made for psp devices.

Can you put PSP games into your XBOX?

No, you can't.

When you download games on media go for a psp go how do you put the games on the psp go?

Well the PlayStation Store works by you put money on your account via credit card or voucher. Next you buy the games then the computer will download it onto the computer automatically. Next you plug the PSP GO into the computer with the USB cable that came with the PSP GO. And lastly select the games and drag the games onto the PSP GO on the sidebar and then it will automatically put the games onto the PSP GO.

How do you put games in a PSP go?

After you purchase them from the PSN store, they are downloaded to your PSP Go.

Can you put PSP games into a PSP 3000?

There is no such thing as a 'PSP 3000' game, all PSP UMDs work in the 1000, 2000, 3000 and e1000.

What is the CFW that will work on any PSP games?

CFW is a hacking program that will allow you to put free games into your PSPIt is a bit complicated to put CFW in your PSP depending which type of PSP you have.It's more easy to hack the PSP 1000 AkA FAt or PSP 2000 AKA slim.

How do you put ps2 games on psp?

You can only do the PS1 games not the PS2 or PS3

How do you put Playstation portable disk games on my computer?

The games are for a PSP not a PC

Can you put a PlayStation game in a psp?

No, they won't fit. The Playstation Store sells Playstation Game downloads for the PS3 and PSP and any of those games can be put in the PSP from the PS3

How do download games online and put them on psp?

You can connect to the PSN from the PSP's menu bar, that's the best place to download PSP games.

Can you put a game in a psp go?

no, it can only download games