Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you put in codes in Pokemon Platinum?


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you have to purchase an action replay. then, you can type in Google.com and research Pokemon platinum action replay codes.

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If its Pokemon Platinum, then you need the Action Replay which you can purchase at Gamestop. It's a slot that you put in your DS and you load it and put the cheat codes in.

cheat codes for Pokemon platinum are codes that are used for cheating.

First, get a cheaating device of some sort. press enter codes and put them in.

on your action replay click the * to go to codes then click (add new code)

how can i get a level100 palkia in pokemon platinum

Well you find codes and put them into your action replay folder for Pokemon platinum. There are different codes for different uses. Then you follow the instructions of each cheat when you start the game.

if you find a website about Pokemon platinum AR codes email me at landonmeador@gmail.com

You need an action replay to insert codes for Pokemon platinum,pearl,and diamond.

I HIGHLY doubt Pokemon Pearl AR cheat codes will work in Pokemon Platinum =]

Yes there are AR Codes for the US version of Pokemon Platinum please visit www.codejunkies.com and search under Pokemon Platinum and they will have some codes there that I myself have tested & proven to work.

no its on some of the yeloow trees after u put honey on


get an action replay and put in the various codes on different websites for different cheats.

You can't put a Pokemon in the pokewalker in Pokemon platinum, as the pokewalker was designed for only Pokemon Heartgold & Soulsilver.

go to the actionreplaydsi app on your computer then go to UK codes and put that Pokemon platinum cheat on it and it will have a wild Pokemon modifier and you can chose any Pokemon. p.s. there is a cheat to be all wild Pokemon will be shiny

you don't type any codes anywhere

You can only battle online in Pokemon platinum if you have other peoples friend codes.

No,but you can put codes your Ultimate Codes for Pokemon for gba

well an action replay is like this thing you put in your ds and dsi and what you do with it is that you put codes so its used for cheating.and action replay codes are codes you can use to cheat on a game so foe example you have Pokemon platinum go to google.com and put Pokemon platinum action replay codes and there are lots of links so choose one write down the code put your game and add the code.hoped that helped CrIsTaL:D

put the code in the AR, check the code than start the game

That is actually the code to put platinum into Your AR.

Sadly no, Nintendo tried its best to stop all the use of AR on Pokemon Platinum. But hackers found out how to crack the game. But their are many codes out there for Pokemon Platinum that are similar to Pokemon Pearl. You just have to look on the AR website.

As of now, no action replay codes are reported for Pokemon Platinum.

you cant in platinum but you could trade from Diamond and Pearl or another Platinum.

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