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I had the same problem. Every time I saw the lense coming towards my eye I blinked. I was told to look towards my nose as I looked in a mirror then place the lense on the white part of the eye ball. Once it is set on the white part tilt your head towards the ceiling and close your eye, then with your eyes closed move your eye ball back and forth. This should make the lense move in the right place over your eye. If after doing this, it still doesn't feel right make sure the lense isn't inside out. Once you get used to the feeling it'll become easier. Here's another suggestion from a WikiAnswers contributor:

* When I was putting in my contact lenses it took 2 weeks for them to actually get into my eyes. The tip that helped me was getting really close to the mirror so that I could see exactly where my eyeball and contact lens was. Previously I would just look at the mirror and lift the lens approximately to my eye and suddenly blink. Getting close to the mirror made it much easier because it gave my reflexes the belief that I was not trying to blind myself, but insert a contact lens.

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Q: How do you put in contact lenses if you have very squeamish eyes and cannot seem to get the lens in place?
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A person can purchase contact lenses either from a local eye doctor in the place of residence or from a number of online retailers. Regardless of the location of purchase, a person will first need a valid prescription.

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The best place to find contact lenses for this purpose are fancy dress shops. You will be able to change the colour of your eyes or change to cat eyes and devil eyes.

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What happens if you wear contact lenses and you want to rub your eye?

Nothing at all, they should fix themselves back in place

How do you keep your contact lens in place?

After putting your contact lens in your eyes, they should remain in place. I have acuvue lenses and it comes with a solution in the package. The solution is like a magnet. It stays on my pupil until I feel like removing them.

Considering contact lenses Read on for helpful information you need to know.?

Contact lenses, also known as corrective lenses, cosmetic lenses, therapeutic lenses, or simply contacts, are used to correct deficiencies in vision. In many people, there is a disparity between the refractive strength of the eye and the length of the eye which causes a refraction error. A contact lens counteracts this mismatch and allows for accurate focusing of light onto the retina. Some conditions contact lenses can correct include myopia (near or short sightedness), hypermetropia (far or long sightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia. According to some estimates 125 million people use contact lenses worldwide (or 2 per cent of the population) including 28 to 38 million people in the United States and 13 million people in Japan. Compared to glasses, contact lenses are less disturbed by inclement weather, do not steam up, offer the wearer a wider field of vision, and are more appropriate for participating in sporting activities. Some people use cosmetic contact lenses in order to change the appearance of their eyes. Cosmetic contact lenses may also correct the wearer’s vision however some blurring or obstruction of vision may take place due to the color or design. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labels non-corrective cosmetic contact lenses “decorative contact lenses”. There are also differences in the length of use of different contact lenses. Daily wear contact lenses are designed to be taken out before going to sleep while extended wear (EW) contact lenses are developed for continuous overnight wear, usually for six or more consecutive nights (although some lenses, referred to as continuous wear (CW), allow for even longer use up to 30 consecutive nights). Generally, extended wear lenses are discarded after the specified length of time. Remember that your eyeglass prescription is different from the one needed to obtain your contact lenses. You will need to see a licensed eye doctor for an examination that will result in obtaining your contact lens prescription. U.S. law provides consumers the right to obtain a copy of their contact lens prescription and to fill that prescription at the provider of their choice. Roughly 5% of contact lens wearers each year suffer complications due to their contact lenses. The majority of these issues are caused or related to excessive wear of contact lenses, particularly overnight wear.

How contact lenses place themselves?

Where your iris and pupil are on your eye, there is a slight round bump, as shown in this picture: A contact lens is shaped precisely to the size and shape of that bump, so that when you place a contact lens in your eye, the contact lens tries to find the place that it fits around perfectly, which is over your pupil and iris.

Where can one find cheap contact lenses?

1-800-Contacts seems to be a popular company to order brand name contacts for lower prices, and they deliver. Walmart is always a good place for buying almost anything for less; they have eye care stores in some of their buildings that sell glasses and contact lenses.

Is Optical institute contact lenses a good company to order from?

I just place and order with them. To be fair I will give them 3 weeks to deliver as I am in the U.S. I will get back to you to inform of my experience with them.

Who invented the soft contact lens?

Soft contact lenses were a big invention in the field of contact lenses. It dates back to 1959-60 when Otto Wichterle and Drahoslav Lim first developed soft lenses. These were much better than earlier versions of lenses which were very hard for the eyes. Being first lenses to allow oxygen permeability to the eyes, they soon become quite popular. However, you would be surprised to know that a lot of names are linked with the invention of first contact lenses. There is no single name you can attribute the invention of contact lens. From 1500 to 2000 a lot of research and development has taken place in the field and several names are associated with the development of contact lenses. Some of the prominent names are: Leonardo da Vinci(For conceptualostaion in 1508) René Descartes(1636) Thomas Young (1801) Sir John Herschel(1845) Adolf Eugen Fick (1887) Louis J. Girard (1887) William Feinbloom (1936, introduced plastic lenses) Otto Wichterle and Drahoslav Lim (developed soft lenses in 1960s which got approved in 1970 by FDA).

Where can you get contact lenses without a prescription?

If the contact lenses are for improving sight then you do need a prescription. If the contacts are for changing eye color then you can get those just about anywhere. For example, the Korean wig store at the B&I sells them at a good price. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually in the US any contact lenses, even plano or zero power contacts, are considered medical devices and as such require an eye examination, proper fitting and a current doctor's prescription to legally purchase even cosmetic contact lenses. See the related links section for more information on the rules regarding buying contact lenses without a prescription in the US. I 'improved' this answer more than a year ago and the above is still correct however I've since learned that the current US Rx laws in place regulate only the US based seller and not the buyer. So if the buyer has an expired prescription and finds a source outside the US they buyer can indeed get contact lenses without a prescription and not do anything illegal in the process. As to 'where' if you Google deep enough you can find links to plenty of sources in Canada and the UK that ship prescription contact lenses world wide and don't perform prescription verification.

If you have brown eyes and use contacts how can you make them blue?

Several companies have color-changing contact lenses on the market. You can purchase them at the same place you purchase the contacts you wear now.

What causes contact lenses to stick to your eye extremely hard?

This can sometimes happen when you forget to keep the contact lenses moist. What happens is your eye is already moistened - when you place something dry (such as non-moistened contact lenses) into the eye, it can form a "dry-seal" which makes it harder to remove. A more relative experience to this can be - X-mas decorations. When you get window clings you must lick one side to make them stick to the dry surface (window). Removing them is the same as removing a "dry-sealed" contact lense. Lastly to correct this problem is simple. If your contacts are one time use - throw them away. If they are multiple use then place them back into your small contact case and moisten them using the saline solution your Opthamologist prescribed.

How should I put my color contacts in?

For first-time colored contact wearers, Hamada says that it's best to start slow. "If you're a first-timer, it's best to wear them for less than five hours or what your eye doctor recommends Using tap water, bottled or even distilled water is never the substitute for contact lens solution." Tap water is not salty like tears are so contact lenses absorb the water and swell. Wash your hands thoroughly. Before you insert your contact lenses, itโ€™s important to clean your hands to remove any dirt, hair, great, or bacteria that may infect your eyes. Open the contact lenses case. You should always leave your colored contact lenses in their storage case overnight. Place one lens on your index finger. Both your lens and your finger should be wet with contact-lens solution at this point. Make sure that the lens is clean.

Where do you order circle lenses online?

Not many places sell authentic Geo contact lenses online. If you live in Japan or Korea, you can probably buy them in retail stores or online. While not available in the US in retail outlets, a good place where you can get them online.

What is a second structure that holds the lens in place and enable it to change shape for focusing besides the cornea?

The cornea does not hold the lens of the eye in place, it can only hold contact lenses in place. The lens of the eye is in a bag called the lens capsule and the lens capsule is held in place by the lens zonules.