How do you put in contact lenses if you have very squeamish eyes and cannot seem to get the lens in place?

I had the same problem. Every time I saw the lense coming towards my eye I blinked. I was told to look towards my nose as I looked in a mirror then place the lense on the white part of the eye ball. Once it is set on the white part tilt your head towards the ceiling and close your eye, then with your eyes closed move your eye ball back and forth. This should make the lense move in the right place over your eye. If after doing this, it still doesn't feel right make sure the lense isn't inside out. Once you get used to the feeling it'll become easier. Here's another suggestion from a WikiAnswers contributor:

* When I was putting in my contact lenses it took 2 weeks for them to actually get into my eyes. The tip that helped me was getting really close to the mirror so that I could see exactly where my eyeball and contact lens was. Previously I would just look at the mirror and lift the lens approximately to my eye and suddenly blink. Getting close to the mirror made it much easier because it gave my reflexes the belief that I was not trying to blind myself, but insert a contact lens.