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iTunes music cannot be used anywhere except from on your computer - and occassionally external devices or other computers in your network, as it is DRM protected. This is for a good reason, as music downloaded from iTunes is copyrighted and therefore illegal to place on a webpage.

Adding: Neopets does not allow music on their site at all, even in another format.

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Do you have to have a iTunes card to make a iTunes account?

You do not need an iTunes gift card to make an iTunes account. However, you need an iTunes gift card to download music through your iTunes account.

Do you have to pay to make an iTunes account?

iTunes FreeNo, you don't have to pay to have an iTunes account.

How much does an iTunes account cost?

An Itunes account is free

Where can you buy Larry Ford Cd's?

his webpage or itunes

What is the iTunes account password?

An iTunes account password is used in conjunction with your Apple ID, to sign into iTunes. It is one of the various ways to secure your iTunes account.

How do you put money on your iTunes account?

How do you put money on your itunes account.

How do you get games on iTunes with no account?

you can't. you can only get games on itunes if you have an account.

How do you put iTunes gift cards on your account?

To put iTunes gift cards on your account on your iPod press: iTunes Music or Videos Redeem Code To put iTunes gift cards on your account on your Mac press: iTunes iTunes Store Redeem

How come my iTunes account says i can't log in to iTunes?

I suggest you reinstall ur iTunes, and then reset ur iTunes account password to see if you can log into itunes. If it still doesn't work. You can create a new iTunes account. Hope it helps.

Forgot password on iTunes?

iTunes account

How do update iTunes on your computer when you already have an account?

Updating the iTunes software will not affect your existing iTunes account or music library.

Do you have to have iTunes to make an iTunes account?

Yes, you can get iTunes by going on the internet, "Download iTunes".

Do you have to have a iTunes account to download music to an iPod?

No, you do not have to have an iTunes account to get music onto an iPod.

Will anyone let you use an iTunes account?

no they wont Apple will let you use an iTunes account to purchase items from their iTunes store.

How transfer photos from iphone to iTunes account?

U cant transfer them to your ITunes account. U can transfer them to your computer, just not ITunes

How can you cancel your iTunes account?

Try to cancel an iTunes account by eliminating the ability to access it on your computer. Log into iTunes and pull down the Store menu. Click Deauthorize Computer and enter your iTunes account password to disable the use of iTunes on your computer.

How do you get a iTunes password?

Register an account with the iTunes store.

Can you have free account on iTunes?

iTunes accounts are free to have.

How can you get a free iTunes account?

iTunes accounts are free anyways. Go to and download itunes, once installed it will give you the option to set up an account.

How do you make a iTunes account with out a credit card?

You buy a itunes gift card and make your account with that

I already have iTunes downloaded and have music on it do i have an iTunes ACCOUNT to get music on to your ipod?

no, you don't need an account.

How do you unlock my iTunes account?

how do you unlock a itunes account and how do you delete your the one you have a create a new one

How much do they charge for creating an iTunes account for your iphone?

It's free to create an iTunes account.

Do you have to have an iTunes account to get an iTunes library?

The iTunes library is where iTunes stores your music. You can put music in the library from music on your computer or from your CDs. You only need to set up an iTunes account if you wish to purchase items from the iTunes store.

If you uninstall iTunes will you lose your account money?

No, you will not lose your account money. The money you register is related to the account, not the actual iTunes software.