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Q: How do you put on a muffler and tailpipe without having to go to a mechanic?
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Can one drive a car without a muffler?

You can drive a car without a muffler, but you should not. It is illegal. Driving without a muffler allows many pollutants into the air. Technically yes, a car can be driven without a muffler but there are a few good reasons not to do so. The most important risk of not having a muffler is that there are laws regarding sound levels and a car without a muffler might be over government approved noise levels resulting in not being in compliance with the law and the end result being a fine. Another reason for not doing so is the impact it would have on your vehicle. A muffler on a car will increase its performance, efficiency and power output. It will also decrease the wear and tear on the engines’ parts.

Does removing a muffler help fuel mileage in a cummons 2005?

Having a free flow muffler will help improve fuel economy. In most mufflers on the market the air flow is by having the exhaust air take two 180 degree turns u turns. This restricts the airflow and causes immense back pressure. Having a straight through airflow muffler will improve mileage which is just like removing a muffler. By removing a muffler there is reduction in weight and improvement in back pressure. You may be cited for driving without a muffler, as it is required for noise control and pollution control.

Is there a cheap mechanic service that can fix my automotive air conditioning?

Meineke Muffler surprisingly has wonderful pricing on a plethora of automobile repairs. Your automobile may simply need a "charge" for the air conditioning to work properly. The Meineke shop near me doesn't charge for an estimate of repairs. That helps me decide whether I can afford the repairs without having to pay the mechanic to look under the hood.

What's the advantage to having two tailpipes and mufflers instead of one?

Dual tailpipes help pull the exhaust away from the engine more quickly, thus avoiding any kind of pressure back-up, especially in a high-output smaller engine. A tailpipe needs a muffler; two tailpipes=two mufflers

Would having no muffler or pipes hurt performance on a truck Or be bad for the vehicle?

If you run the engine without pipes , you will inevitably start a fire under the hood from the flames shooting out of the exhaust ports

What if gas comes out of your muffler?

You are having a cylinder missfire. take your car to a shop for a tune up.

What does the check engine light mean on a 2006 Toyota sienna?

The check engine light could any number of things. It is impossible to know what the light means without having the car checked by a mechanic. The mechanic will then be able to tell what is wrong with the car.

Is replacing the muffler on my car something I could do myself?

It depends on how skilled you are with regard to the job. If you have a basic knowledge of how the muffler is attached and the tools to do it, it is within the realm of a DIY project. If not, it's worth the cost of having it done by a pro.

Can Isuzu indicator lights be reset without having to go to a mechanic?

I reset mine on 1999 Trooper frequently with a code reader for my laptop. The cost is $80 - 120, for reader with cables.

How do you replace a Taurus - Sable heater core without removing the dash?

Yes, a mechanic has developed a procedure that avoids having to remove the dash.See "Related Questions" below for more

Can you get chlamydia without having your period?

You can get chlamydia without having your period.

Can you carry herpes without having it?

You can not carry herpes without having it.

What is the difference between technician and mechanic?

mechanic ,is a specialist for particular zone . Example diesel mechanic anybody say diesel technician never.Technician ,having wide range knowledge that may mechanical, electrical, instrument

Do you recommend having dealership replace fuel filter in 1998 dodge ram truck?

Dealership or any other competent mechanic.Dealership or any other competent mechanic.

What does it mean when the check engine light goes on?

This means you have aload of miles and you have to go to the mechanic or you will fail a transmission test. Sometimes it stays even when a mechanic tries fixing it good luck.Good news scenarioOn Kias and Volkswagons (and maybe others) this light comes on if you don't screw the gas cap on tight enough. Try it, it saves a pile of bucks for having the mechanics check and replace the "thermin wire" or "muffler bearings" (and tighten the gas cap)

Having a mechanic rather than a dentist work on your automobile?

law of comparative advantage(kaylop)

Can a male have trichomoniasis without having symptoms?

Yes, a male can have trich without having symptoms.

How do you replace muffler on a 2000 Subaru Outback?

There is no trick to this and no meaningful instruction. Mufflers on a 2000 Outback are essentially the same as every vehicle muffler made since they have been building cars. It is a tough job if you don't have right the tools and will to deal with parts that are rusted in place. Having done this job more than once my recommendation is to find a local muffler shop and have them do it. It won't cost much more than doing it yourself. Check on parts cost then call the muffler shop and see how they compare.

Does a modified muffler change gas consumption?

Certainly a modified muffler on a 2 stroke-cycle engine will affect gas consumption and power. The reason is that these engines do not have an exhaust valve to keep in the gasoline vapor until it has been fired like a 4 stroke-cycle engine has. The "2 stroke" engine relies on pressure in the tuned muffler to keep the gasoline vapor from shooting right out of the cylinder before the spark plug ignites it. With a "4 stroke" engine, there is an exhaust valve to keep the gasoline vapor in until it is ignited, and the engine isn't much bothered about muffler tuning, size, or even not having a muffler, at all.

Can you put a 302 in a Mazda B2300 without having to change anything?

" without having to change anything " NO !

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You get chlamydia from having unsafe sex with someone who already has it - regardless of what your line of work is.

What causes a car to jump or jerk?

I'm not a mechanic but I'm facing the same problem with my car and I went to a mechanic who told me the that the jerking could be the transmission having a slow transition between gears.

What is self-initiative?

Self initiative is about doing things without having to be told or about learning a new task without having to be prompted or directed to do so. And working without having command from anyone.

How do you remove muffler on John Deere stx38?

I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to replace my front axle and I need to remove the muffler to get to the axle bolt. Please help. I recently replaced the front axle on my STX38 so I took off the muffler as well. The muffler's heat shield needs to come off first, I think there's just two bolts holding that in place on the front of it. If I remember correctly, there were 4 bolts total securing the muffler. There are two bolts towards the front of the muffler that connect vertically to the body of the mower, these need to be removed. If you look at the very top of the muffler where it connects to the engine you'll see another two bolts that need to be removed. I had a tough time getting these two completely out since mine were a bit rusted but they did eventually come off. Once all these bolts are removed, I had to wiggle the muffler out of the bottom of the mower. For the people doing front axle replacement - once the muffler is removed you should have access to the bolt securing the axle.