How do you put people in your room on WeeWorld?

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click on them, add them, and go on the chat
you have to type in the box
it will work :)
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What is weeworld?

" Weeworld is a fun site for 13+ but it should be 10+ you can make friends, date people, have fun, go to the world and so much more if sumone buggs you just block them. Hopee Tooh See You ADD ME manomez xx " weeworld is mainly a role playing site, you talk to anyone you want, and the ( Full Answer )

Who created WeeWorld?

Add Cutieho5 on weeworld Her dad ownss weeworld and will shut it down if his duaghter doesnt get lots of friends Wee-World Is Own Bye The Marie Family That Lives In L.A California . One Of The Account Your In There Business Is Jake: Wee-World Ambassador. . And Dream5004 .

What shall i put in a games room?

X-Box 360, Wii, HD projection screen, and a Full surround sound system. ^^ I don't like the PS3 ("Sony blue ray player" cus that's the only reason people buy it).

How do you put crown molding in a room?

Crown molding is tricky, the easiest way to do it is to start on the wall that is opposite the door entering the room. Cut the crown molding square to fit in the space between the walls, the pieces that fit coming from the other side cut a 45 degree angle on it with the edge pointing too the piece a ( Full Answer )

How do you put pictures in meez room?

All you have too do is buy a remote for your room. o.O idk hat the othe person said but he made it confusing >__< first of all wtf are you even talking about that has nothing to do with putting pictures in the room,second if you dont know how dont answer the question.Now,what you need to do is go t ( Full Answer )

Where is the room where you put your passwords?

You have to go to the carrot shop ask the to fill the bowl and put it the same place then get the cat and it will drink it then it will follow you to the owner in whiskes tool shop

How do hack people on WeeWorld?

Well if your trying to hack someone, then you can try the common way by asking people if they want a makeover. (By that meaning you go on someone's page and ask, "Hey you want a makeover?" And if they say yes, you get their password when they give it to you, go onto their account, go to settings ( Full Answer )

How do you block people on WeeWorld?

To block someone on Weeworld: Click 'Settings' under the 'Account / Help' tab Look for the section called 'Blocking' and add the username you want to block Click 'Block' If you've successfully blocked that person, you'll get a message telling you you've blocked them.

What is weeworld about?

Weeworld is a virtual world! You make your own weemee and make it look like you, your hairstyle the color of your hair, skin, eyes and the shape of your face!! Go to clothes and buy yourself some shirts jeans shorts and footwear and you can get an aim and get free stuff you go to DO ( Full Answer )

How do you put your furniture in your room Neopets?

You go to your neohome, go inside all you furniture should be pictured at the bottom of the screen with options. You may not be able to put it in because you don't have any furniture; all furniture is kept in your storage shed so look there to see if you have any. If you do then it should be as easy ( Full Answer )

How To Make a WeeWorld Room?

Go to the room tab on your Mee's page and click edit room! There is a bunch of cool free stuff on there for you to customize your room with! When your done click the save room button in the corner! Add me! I'm VampiraVega!

How do you add your friends in you room on WeeWorld?

OK so first go to your room on the interactive in the sidebar on the blue thing tht costs 750 and looks like a weemee 4.then add friend add me manomez :) And me VampiraVega plz :3 I can answer questions there too!

What do you put in a room?

Normally a bed, but if you want a nice room them choose a themed room, e.g. colour scheme some good colours are, purple and cream, blue and gold, white and red, so on. Have a good set of draws that will fit in lots of clothes. Ikea do good, cheap storage and nice quality ones too. Also get a nice ( Full Answer )

How do you get into weeworld?

you go onto and then click create a weemee. everythings free and there is no swearing allowed add manomez :)

How do you put a poster in your room on meez?

First you go to room setting and there will be a tab that says posters and click it and you can add a game poster or a picture on your computer at the bottom it says save click it and when u go in your room it will be thier...

What to put in a teens room?

Teens are young adults that need both lots of parental attention but also some privacy. Encourage your teen to use his or her space to dream, plan, and work. Let your teen select floor lamps, table lamps and a few wall lights for task lighting. This helps your young adult develop maturity. Provide s ( Full Answer )

Can you put a Buddha in your room if your eleven?

Legally you can, but that brings us to "house rules". Parents can decide what comes into or stays in a house. Parents with strong religious views may override any decision madeby minor children to bring foreign religious items or anything elseinto that house. There are however Buddha graphics or dra ( Full Answer )

How do you get in WeeWorld and register?

Okay you have to go to weeworld and then it says register and you register yourself. You get to make a person and then build your house. After that you can Roam earound. You are now set to play weeworld.

How do you get to your attic in weeworld?

First you have to go to your room. Then click on Edit room. After that click on My attic and you can see your items. but other than thaict there is no way to get in to your att

How to get gold on WeeWorld?

Thats an easy one! Go to this link: Fill it ALL out and get gold. I've done it a few times, and gotten what it says.

What age do put on weeworld?

well first you can never ever put your under 13 years old because its obvious they wont let you register so either put 13,14,15,16 and older sooo ya1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 .

Why do they not put lights in the living room?

You can light a living room with wall sconces, ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps. If lighting fixtures are not installed in your living room, you have the freedom to decorate for task lighting and interior design. Wall lights and floor lamps give you focused light for reading or other task ( Full Answer )

For what ages is WeeWorld?

it should be for 12 and up but with the vulgar languages teens use these days it should be for 15 and up!

Is jaden on weeworld?

he is i met him a high school place and i can tell he is the true jaden smith no lie my frineds have no faith PS. i love jaden smith so it might be a luck ♥♥

Who do you get out of WeeWorld?

If you want to cancel your account on weeworld you have to send a message to the people who run the site and ask them to remove it, to do this you go to the feedback tab (under CELEBS) and once you click that a small box will appear, click on the first thing given "I would like to make a comment or ( Full Answer )

How do you put furniture in your i-dressup room?

you go to your case-my case- the picture with the chest and there you go . one question how do you upload pics on i-dressup?♥ thanks =)♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

What to put in a teenage boy room?

It really depends what the teenage boy likes. Remember let him do the room decorations on his own. Just tell him "Son, the room is all yours. Put whatever things you like but don't turn the room in a storeroom." By doing this, you are training him to be respnsible for his own things and offer him hi ( Full Answer )

Do you know people from WeeWorld passwords and users?

Talk to either Smilezyay and she will make you one that looks exactly like hers or better! just tell her a username and she will make it. Also she will give her one of her other profiles

What room to put a hamster in?

moderatly quiet hamsters hate load noise all the time if its every so often i dont think its that bad but all the time not good

How do you put your playlist from playlistcom on WeeWorld?

Well, go to and make an account.Once youre done making one,go to for weeworld and when you add the songs you copy and paste the embed code on and paste that on your weeworld thingy.

How do you put friends in your room on WeeWorld?

Putting Someone In Your Room Is Easy Here Are The Steps. 1)Go to your room. 2)Go to edit your room if you if you already have made room. 3)Go to the category name New And Most Popular. 4)Find the weemee body you can get it plain or with hearts (they cost the same). 5)Click on the person. 6)Pick who ( Full Answer )

Who are the most famous people on WeeWorld?

Add xStupidKid Naaah Its this girl called Finlaayx she is really famous... she isn't like high in levels or has alot of friends cuz she doesnt accept you have to be really lucky to get an accept from her

How do you put multiple people in one chat room on Yahoo?

you simpley go on to this website and then read this answer and then realise that is is compleatly wrong and makes know sence and then go onto yahoo and then try and find it out your self. GOD this maybe an answer site but don't exspect it to tell the truth lol :D

Why do people put?

Because is people threw everything it would get broken? dont shoot me so that answer im not the one who asked the question

Where to put split ac in a room?

I am not certain of what you are asking but here goes... Commercial service is carried to a home over three wires. The center wire is connected to earth ground. There is 120 volts AC from the center wire to one outside wire, 120 volts AC from the center wire and the other outside wire and 240 volts ( Full Answer )

What do you usually put in your room?

I like to put pictures on the walls, a bed, carpets, TV, lamps, etc. I have those basics in my room but I like very few things in my room, I prefer a minimalist style. Except for the lamp, the alarm clock, and the telephone, I keep everything else put away in a closet or a drawer. Some people lik ( Full Answer )

How do you let people put furni in your room on habbo?

1. Buy Vip For Only 25 credits 2. buy 1 group for 10c 3. get that person to join the group 4. give them admin so they can put stuff down "you wont be able to pick there stuff up only they can and they cant pick your stuff up"