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How do you put photos on an iPod Nano?

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shadgvysfadfaAnswerFirstly open "My Photos" from the start menu and create a new folder. put in the folder all the photos you want to put on the iPod. Connect your iPod to your computer. If iTunes isn't open already, open iTunes. On the Edit menu, click Preferences. In the resulting dialog, click the iPod tab. In the iPod pane, click the Photos tab. Select the "Synchronize photos from" checkbox, then click either My Pictures, Choose Folder, or, if you have either program installed, Adobe Photoshop Album or Adobe Photoshop Elements, from the drop-down menu.
2012-05-18 07:45:51
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Can you put a screensaver on an iPod Nano from my photos in the iPod?


How can you take photos on the iPod nano?

you can't, unfortunately the new ipod nano only takes videoBut you can VIEW photos on your Nano. Put your photos from your camera onto your PC. Then go into iTunes and sync your photos. :)

Can you put photos as background on the ipod nano 6th generation?


Can you put photos on an iPod Nano?

Yes, you can. When you first plug your ipod in, a folder should pop up, on of the sub folders is photos. drag your photos in there and sync your ipod.

How do you get photos on your ipod nano sixth generation using Itunes?

The current iPod Nano does not display photos.

How do you remove photos from iPod nano?

i don't know how to delete photos from new ipod nano, can you show me how to do it, please?

How do you view photos on iPod Nano?

go to photos.

How do you get pictures off an iPod Nano?

Deleting photos from an ipodTo delete photos from your 5th Gen Ipod Nano you connect your Ipod to your computer. Go to the photos folder you've allocated your ipod to and delete the photos you dont want. Simple.cheersSylvar0one

How do you put Facebook on iPod Nano?

You cannot put facebook on a nano, but you can put it on an iPod Touch.

How do you put games on iPod Nano without buying?

You have to buy the game to put it on your iPod Nano.

Can an ipod nano 5g take photos?

No, it cannot take photos. There is no iPod that allows you to take still pictures. Even though the latest iPod Nano has video, it cannot take still pictures.

How do you put facebook on new iPod nano?

You can't put any games or apps or widgets on the iPod Nano 7th Gen or any other iPod Nano

Can you put YouTube videos on an iPod nano?

Only if it is a ipod nano 4th generation

How do you put internet onto your ipod nano?

The iPod Nano is not able to connect to the Internet.

Can you get more apps on your new iPod Nano?

you can't put apps on ipod nano

How do you put apps on your ipod nano with out using itunes?

The iPod Nano does not use apps.

How do you get photos from your iPod drive to your iPod Nano?

The photos you send to a file of your computer and you open itunes and in your iPod you put selec file and you select the file were you send the photos First plug in your iPod, when iTunes go up go click on your iPod Nano, when you do that go to the picture tab I'm pretty sure that their is a uploading thing. If this does not work reply here I will be a member so u can now me well good luck

How do you put photo's on an 4Th generation ipod nano there isn't a little photo icon when you pulled up it up even when the ipod is connected?

when you plug your ipod nano into your computer, look at the bar near the top of the window on itunes, you can sync a specific folder of photos onto you ipod. click on the thing that says "photos" on the bar in itunes and sync a folder!

Can you put apps on an iPod nano?

You can not put apps on an ipod nano 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and fifth generation. But you can on the new nano touch 2010.

How to put on apps from itunes on a new ipod nano?

The iPod Nano cannot use apps.

Why does the ipod nano 3rd generation not display photos?

It does, just put all the photos you want in a folder and save. Then plug in your ipod and open up itunes. Click on your ipod's icon. Then open up pictures on your ipod and select your folder and then sync it.

How do you put photos from your email on the iPod touch to you photos in the iPod?

do u have internet on your ipod?

How do you put games on your iPod nano?


Can you put your own photos onto your ipod?

Yes, you can put your own photos onto your iPod.

Can you put apps on the new 2010 version of the ipod nano?

The iPod Nano cannot use apps.