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You can't. You can use smileys in the rally, but you can't post pictures.

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2009-11-09 21:37:17
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Q: How do you put pictures in rally on gaia online?
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How do you put a gaia mule in a rally?

Ask nicely.

How do you put ink on your paper on gaia online?

You cannot dye your paper on Gaia Online.

Can you put pictures on gaia without uploading them?

All you need is a IMG URL to post images on Gaia. :)

How do you put pictures on gaia?

[img] URL [/img] if you mean the code >_>

How do you move pictures on photobucket to gaia online?

AnswerPick the Picture you would like to put onto Gaia Online. Select Share and find the link under the Forum section. Highlight the link and Copy it. Go back the Gaia Online to where you want to put the picture. Select the text box and Paste it. Make sure the link is the one that uses Brackets "[ ]" and not Arrows "< >" or else it won't work.

How do you put a playlist on the gaia profile page?

search on youtube: how do you add a playlist on you gaia online profile.

How do you put on cloths on gaia online?

Go to the category "My Gaia," then click on "Avatar." You will then be taken to where you can customize your avatar with the clothing you have.

How do you put music on a classic profile on gaia online?

If you mean playlist, you have to go to and (somehow) transfer it to your profile on Gaia.

How do you put make big words on gaia online?

click on the caps I think...

How do you make clones on gaia online?

well its easy 1. Go into any rally 2. click on menu 3. click on invite friends 4. copy the writing 5. open new tab 6. paste it 7. look for the word rally in the URL tht u pasted 8. change the word rally the first one and put (firedup) 9. press enter and there you are! :)

What is gaia zomg game?

zOMG is a part of gaia where people can battle enemies and get "recipies" which can be put on your avatar after making the requirements. You can easily talk to your friends just like in Towns and the Rally. If you haven't been on zOMG yet, you have to give it a try! ;)

Can you put pictures from your dsi online?

yes, if you go to "other" on the dsi camera, you can move your pictures to your SD card and then put them online or anywhere else.

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