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All you need is a IMG URL to post images on Gaia. :)

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2011-09-12 15:52:54
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Q: Can you put pictures on gaia without uploading them?
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How do you put pictures of yourself on Facebook?

by uploading a picture from my computer or by using webcam

How do you put pictures on gaia?

[img] URL [/img] if you mean the code >_>

How do you put pictures in rally on gaia online?

You can't. You can use smileys in the rally, but you can't post pictures.

How do you put frames around your picture on Facebook?

As of what I know, you edit your pictures first, where you put the frames, before uploading them on facebook.

How do you put pictures on Google?

you could upload some pictures on another website like facebook and if you have had it for quite a while, your picture might come up if you type in your name ?

How do you take pictures off MySpace and put them on Facebook?

By adding the Myspace picture to your computer, and then uploading the picture from your computer to Facebook.

How do you put pictures on you computers?

there is two ways ;if you have a camera with pictures on it , plug the adapter in to thee computer & yurr camera & it will do uploading by itself or yuu can have a phone with pictures in it & send the pictures to your email.& if yuu dont have an email , create one ;)

How you put pic of you in gaia?

Very easy and simple! If you have a picture of you already in your document, all you got to do is go to uploading sites such as Click on Browse and find your image there. Once you have found the image, upload it. Once its uploaded, you would get a "[ur] the code [/url]". Copy the code and paste it on Gaia.

How do you put pictures on Facebook from the internet?

You must first save the picture that you want from the internet to your computer, and then from facebook when you are uploading a picture go to browse, then my pictures select the picture that you want from the internet then call the computer network.

How do you put big pictures in Instagram without cropping them?

You cant

What shop on gaia can you get a belly percing?

there is no shop on gaia that gives you belly peircing, put there are belly rings that you can put on your gaia..... my suggestion is to go in the marketplace and find it....or you can go in the jewelry shop on gaia. (there are 2 jewelry shops)

How do you put ink on your paper on gaia online?

You cannot dye your paper on Gaia Online.

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