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How do you put pictures on an MP3 player?

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All mp3 players are inherently memory devices ,which means that you can put any sort of file into it as long as it is within the limits of its capacity.All you have to do is copy the picture files and paste it in the drive listed as removable hard drive.

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How do you put pictures on your MP3 Player?

Mp3 players usually reads only Mp3 format files. Pictures come in JPEG format, Gif, Bit and more but not in Mp3 form. So even if you drag your picture to your Mp3 player folder, the Mp3 player wont be able to read the picture file.

How do you add pictures to your MP3 player?

Even though your computer says that it has put the pictures on your mp3 it will only work with some mp3s. Some images and videos may be in an incorrect format for upload to the device. it may also be a problem with the computer or MP3/MP4 player.

How do you put games on my MP3 player?

To put games on your mp3 player you go to , you can download or buy games.

How do you put a movie on a MP3?

You don't. An mp3 is an audio codec. If you want to put one on an MP3 player then you have to have a link between your computer and the player and your player has to have video playback capabilities.

How do you put songs on a mp3 player?

Usually MP3 player does not contain any any data. MP3 file may link with Player.

What is and MP3 player?

an mp3 is a device that can be carried in your pocket and plays music and you can look at pictures and watch videos.

How do you download songs in the Barbiegirls MP3?

No, you can not put song on the mp3 player.

How do I load songs into a Sony Ericsson MP3 player?

When you buy a Sony Ericsson Mp3 player there is disc with the software needed to load your songs into your Sony Ericsson MP3 player. Put the disc in your computer and follow the instructions to put your tot he mp3 player.

How could you delete pictures from mp3 if you are not supposed to put it in?

it depends on what type of mp3 it is. some mp3 can delete pictures from the device itself. some, needs to be plugged in to PC. through the PC you should be able to view all the files in the mp3.

Easy way to put games on a sylvania mp3 player?

try putting a games file download a game and put it on your mp3 player

If you have LimeWire can you download pictures onto your MP3 player?

Type your answer here...

How do i put music on my mp3 player onto my ipod?

You need MP3 Converter

How do you put music on your mp3 player?

you have to download it.

How do you put lyrics on a mp3 player?

you cant

Can you download videos into the small mp3 player?

No you can't. mp3 players are meant to play songs (mp3 format) not videos (mp4 format). You can put them in, but you will not be able to play them on your mp3 player.

Can you take music off your flash drive and put it on your mp3 player?

first you would have to put your music onto itunes and then plug your mp3 player in and download them on it.

Where do you get the music to put on to your sandisk mp3 player?

how do you put music on your ipod

How do you put music on a trio MP3 player?

go to itunes and download and put any song you want to mp3 trio

How do you put songs on an MP3 player?

IF it is an MP3 player you copy and paste it into the folder. If it is an iPod you have to sync music using iTunes.

How do you put a folder of songs on MP3 player?

Connect your mp3 to your computer and than just copy that folder to your mp3 device.

Are a mp3 player and a photographer the same thing?

no mp3 --device that contains music (can have other features) photographer --person who takes pictures

How do you put movies on your mp3 player for free?


Is an mp3 player and input or output device?

Out put

How do you put mp3 files from LimeWire onto a mp3 player?

I think you might have to download it on. Lol

How do you put videos on your mp3 player for free?

On ITunes, you just convert the song format to mp3.