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To put a song on your Apple device, you must first put it on iTunes. You can do that buy importing a mp3 file from your computer, or purchasing it from iTunes directly. Then you can sync iTunes with your device which copies the songs onto it.

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How do you put songs on your iPod if it is locked?

If your iPod is locked, then you cannot put songs on it. You have to enter the password and unlock the iPod to add songs to it.

How do you put songs from CD on to a iPod?

by downloading the songs on the CD on the computer and plug in your iPod and pick what songs you want on your iPod

What songs should I put on my iPod?

You should put songs that you like onto your Ipod. If you like Lady Gaga you should put her songs on your Ipod such as, Just Dance, Poker Face, and Love Game.

Can you keep rap songs out of your iPod?

easy dont put rap songs in your ipod

How do you put deleted songs on your iPod?

If the song is deleted, then you can't put it on your iPod.

How do you put songs on a ipod?


What to do when your 8gb iPod nano will not let you play songs?

reset the ipod put all the songs back on

How much songs can you put on a iPod Shuffle?

it depends on how many songs, how big they are and how much memory you have on your ipod

How do you put songs on your iPod from itunes without deleteing any on your iPod already?

You Can't But You can put the songs on your ipod onto itunes then put them delete them And then sync ipod with itunes. then you will get them back and you will get then new ones to. i hope that answers your question.

How do you get music from iPad to iPod?

Connect your iPad to your computer, put the songs from the iPad to the computer, then plug out the iPad, and then plug in the iPod, and put the songs in.

How To Download Music To An iPod Nano?

How Do You Put Songs On Your Ipod Touch ?

What is the iPod Nano?

It's a ipod that you can put at least 1,000 songs on to... And it has games, and you can put photo's on it.

How do you put songs from a CD on to your iPod?

Use I tunes to copy the CD, connect the Ipod to the computer. Itunes will detect the Ipod, then copy the "copied" songs to the Ipod.

Where can you download songs to put on your iPod? and its free songs no joke

How many songs can you put in an ipod nanno 5gb?

about 1000 songs

How do you put songs into an ipod?

use itunes

How many songs can you put on a 8 gigabyte ipod?

You can put roughly 2,000 songs on an 8 gigabyte iPod, give or take other things that take up space on your iPod.

How much songs can you download on a 8GB ipod?

It depends on the bit quality of the songs you're trying to put on the iPod.

How can you be able to keep songs that were deleted from the CPU without losing the songs in an Ipod Nano?

Put the songs back onto the computer from the ipod.

Is there a way to put songs from one ipod onto the other?

You just have to transfer the songs from one iPod to an iTunes library, and then transfer those songs in the library to the other iPod.

How can you put only your songs on your ipod?

I have my iPod Nano, and when I made my account, it had those free songs for our account. When I plugged in my iPod to get my songs I bought, it also added the free songs. I didn't want them! Help me!

Can you get songs from a CD to a iPod?

yes, download music to computer,the put it on the ipod.

Where do you go to get songs on your iPod on the computer?

Currently, you cannot drag songs from your iPod onto a computer; you may only put songs from the computer onto the iPod, not vice versa. Therefore, there is nowhere to go to get songs on the iPod onto the computer.

What plug do you put your iPod in so you can put songs on it?

You put in the rainbow one!

How many songs can you put one a 4G ipod?

You can only put up to 1000 songs in a 4G

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