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You click on the remote of the TV and the battery will appear in your screen then you click your backpack click use battery near the remote car .

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โˆ™ 2012-08-02 08:38:32
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Q: How do you put the battery back in the car on shrink ray island?
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How do you get a battery in poptropica in shrink ray island?

Use the screwdriver to get the battery from the RCA car.

How do you get the car to work on shrink ray island?

You need the battery in it and the remote controll.

What are you supposed to do with the battery in shrink ray island?

You use the battery to put it in the TV remote, or remote controlled car. Hope this helps! For more info type in "How to Beat Shrink Ray Island" on May the Force be with you...

Where is the battery on shrink ray poptropica?

in the toy car

Where is the batteries on shrink ray island?

In the toy car

How do you jump out the window on shrink ray island in poptropica?

Put the battery into the truck. Push the book Tess's Tree down from the shelf. Drive the car out the window.

How do you turn on the tv on shrink ray island?

Get the battery from the toy car using the screw driver. Put it in the TV remote and jump on the green button (the biggest one).

How do you drive the car on shrink ray island?

Use your mouse to drag the car left and right.

How do you control the car on shrink ray island?

you don't. if you land on it, it will move by itself.

What do you do to drive the toy car out the window in shrink ray island?

poo your self

How do you get the car out the house on shrink ray island?

You drive it up the telescope out the window. I think.

What do you do with the battery in shrink ray island?

you use it to put on the tv and if you already done the tv thing and already got 2 messages from c.j then you drive the car through the livingroom to c.js window.

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