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K, just had this problem, seems as though alot of others do as well. The glass run channel (Rubber that goes around the window) stops sliding like its supposed to (and as far as i tried no type of lube rectified the situation). The channels are like 8o bucks a piece at the Honda shop (not sure bout aftermarket), both of my widows were screwy so it was time to take care of it. So once you have the new glass run channel pull off the door panel (not hard to do, Google it.. cant really remember, think you just pull and theres some snaps), unbolt the 2 bolts on the window through the door at the bottom. As its already off track it shouldn't be hard to slide up andout the door. then set aside and pull crappy run channel out, and replace with new one. When you start to install new channel make sure you start at the TOP corner (not the curve but down by the side mirror) CLOSEST to engine or else it wont fit right is what i seem to have found out. I used a skinny plastic ruler duct taped to make it soft as to not rip the rubber to push the channel inside the groove. (not recommeneded but it worked). When installing the window back in try to have 2 people (one holds while other moves around till person holding say its good) so you can tighten it down in the middle of the channels to the left and right. I also slid alittle lube in the channel where the wheels roll left and right as the window goes up and down while i was in there.

this is all from a non mechanic who happened to have the same prob and just fixed it last month and all is perfect. Check out this website for a reference to a TSB issued and if your nice and smile or a very loyal Honda garage user you may get IT, aaaaand installed for free... who knows, its alwasy worth a shot.

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Q: How do you put the window back on track for a 1999 Honda Civic EX?
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