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How do you put videos into a zune?

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Most Videos from the web are .FLVs. you will have to convert them. either can download a converter

use zune video converter

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Do you have to use zune software to put music on your zune?

yes. when you hook up your zune for the first time you must setup the zune software in order to put songs, videos, games, podcasts and more onto it

How do you put music videos onto a Zune?

Don't go on Limewire, it's illegal.. I have a Zune... If you want to download videos to it you need to install a software on your computer called RealPlayer. Then after you are finished downloading that, go to your Zune software page and click "upload video" and it will show up on your playlist, then you can sync that into your Zune.

How do you put limwire movies on to your zune?

Ne, then search for videos in Limewire that has the Zune Logo where it shows the file format,download any video you want,click drag it to your zune software page,then once you have it there once again click and drag it to the Zune Icon then voila there you have it. need more info

Your zune keeps saying that all the items on your zune are missing Including pic and videos But on your software all the songs are there and they play fine?

if it says this go to settings-general- restore zune It will delete everithing on your zune and from the software than it will find it and put all your stuff back this happened to me and it worked.

What will the zune accessories allow you to do?

Zune accesories allow you to fully experience your mp3 player. You have the oppurtunity to connect your Zune to your HDTV to experience Zune videos and music on your home theater system.

Can you get on Facebook on a zune?

No, you can't. The only features that Zunes have are Music, Videos, Podcasts, Pictures, Games, Social (Zune to Zune music sharing), Radio and The Marketplace.

How could I put YouTube videos onto my zune ive tried LimeWire and FLV downloader but what are some other programs that work?

try downloading the freeware, youtube downloader . it downloads the video from youtube and fairly easy to use. once you download it and save the videos on your computer, you can also convert the videos to different types of video: like MPEG, AVI, OR MP4 for example. try that. that's how i put some videos on my zune.

If you get a zune pass and download music and put it on your zune then cancel your zune pass will you keep all the music on your zune?

Whatever songs that you get when you have the zune pass you keep.

Which mp3 players can effectively store and play videos?

The latest iPod family has the most effective way to stare and play videos. the Zune and Zune HD are good alternatives.

Where can you download Michael Jackson music videos?

You can download his videos from itunes, zune marketplace,etc.

Can you download YouTube videos on the Zune?

Yes you can download youtube videos to a zune, you just convert YouTube Video format to the format that zune needed, you can get it for one utility. iCoolsoft may help ig you get more ideal. you canrefer to the following website:

Can you put music on a Zune without zune software?

I don't think so...

What are the support options available for my Zune player?

Supported Formats for Zune 4GB, Zune 8GB, and Zune 80GB ... or My Videos) and (2) auto-sync has been set for the Zune software and Zune device. Zune software also provides options for manually importing and synchronizing ... they automatically deliver new content to your computer as soon as it becomes available

Is there anywat to put songs on your zune without the software CD?

download zune program from zune website, then plug your zoon in to download

How do you put games on a zune?

you buy them on the zune marketplace an hook up your zune and upload them the games at the marketplace only work on zuneHD

How can you get the zune disc?

There is no disc that comes with the Zune players. Microsoft has instead chosen to put the Zune Software on to download for free.

How much do videos cost in the zune marketplace?

It looks like its $2 bucks

How do you put songs on your Zune for free?


How is the Zune HD HD?

It has an Nvidia Tegra chip built in, and if you put it in a dock ( sold separately) and plug the HDMI into your HD TV, you can watch HD videos on your TV from your Zune HD. It also has an OLED screen, which gives vibrant and more contrast for colors than LCD.

How can you put songs from a CD to your zune software?

go to media player rip CD then hook up zune to computer and put songs in sync list ;)

How do you put songs from LimeWire onto zune?

Firstly you can only put limeware songs, videos, etc. with the little Zune logo by the file type. When the selected item is finished downloading you bring up the zune page and hook up your zune to the computer via USB. Then click on the sync tab and simply drag the downloaded items to the tab and press Start Sync. (WARNING) Some files that you try to put onto the sync tab might not work - so it is better to try and download two identical files from limewire just so you have a backup

How do you download movies to your Zune?

1.) Get your video. Make sure the video file is either M4V, MP4, or WMV. If not, convert it using a video converter. 2.) Place your video in a folder which is either in (is replaced with your username): For Vista/7: C:\Users\\Videos For XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\My Videos 3.) Plug in your Zune to your computer and wait for the program to open and recognize your Zune. 4.) Click the videos section in the Zune program. 5.) There your video is. Now right click on the video and select "Sync With." 6.) Wait till your Zune is done syncing the video. 7.) Pop some popcorn and enjoy the beautiful detail that your Zune has as you watch your video!

How much hd can a 16gb Zune put out?


Do you need a zune pass to use the zune or can you just download and put songs on it with LimeWire or frostwire just like I can with the ipod?

You do not need the zune pass to use the zune. Yes, you can just download off limewire. It's easy, just drag the songs you want into the zune software!!!!!!

Can you rip CD's and put them into your zune?

of course you can. just put in the CD you want to rip and when it registers with the zune software click the CD icon on the bottom left. from there click the 'rip CD' button and there you go! all you have to do is just transfer it over to your zune

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