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How do you put music videos onto a Zune?

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Don't go on Limewire, it's illegal.. I have a Zune... If you want to download videos to it you need to install a software on your computer called RealPlayer. Then after you are finished downloading that, go to your Zune software page and click "upload video" and it will show up on your playlist, then you can sync that into your Zune.

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Do you have to use zune software to put music on your zune?

yes. when you hook up your zune for the first time you must setup the zune software in order to put songs, videos, games, podcasts and more onto it

Can you transfer music from Zune to ipod?

To get music saved on a Zune, put them onto an iPod, then add the files to iTunes. Next, transfer them to the iPod from there.

How do you put music from windows media player onto a zune?

You can't at the present time

If you get a zune pass and download music and put it on your zune then cancel your zune pass will you keep all the music on your zune?

Whatever songs that you get when you have the zune pass you keep.

How do you put videos into a zune?

Most Videos from the web are .FLVs. you will have to convert them. either can download a converter use zune video converter

Can you put music videos onto an ipod shuffle?

Are you serious? There is no screen, of course you can't put music videos on an ipod shuffle, how would you watch them?

Can you put music on a Zune without zune software?

I don't think so...

Which media player do you use to download on to a zune?

any media player can. when you plug your zune into your computer it should automatically install. when you want to put new music onto it plug it in and bring up the zune page that tells you eveything that is on it. from thnere you can either browse for your music or drag and drop

How do you put pictures from your computer on your zune?

Usually if you save the picture to a file on the desktop, it will automatically upload onto your Zune library thing. Then all you have to do is drag it onto the little zune on the bottom left of your library and it will be downloaded.

How could I put YouTube videos onto my zune ive tried LimeWire and FLV downloader but what are some other programs that work?

try downloading the freeware, youtube downloader . it downloads the video from youtube and fairly easy to use. once you download it and save the videos on your computer, you can also convert the videos to different types of video: like MPEG, AVI, OR MP4 for example. try that. that's how i put some videos on my zune.

How do you put zune music on your zune?

download limewire and the one you don't have to pay to download music, i have limewire and i als have zune 30GB, so i download songs and choose the files i want the music to go in, like let say myfamilyfiles/music, when u plug ur zune in your computer and the zune page openes go to seteings yo will see the files when you download music and vidoes to, onces your download it to does files it outomatically cmes on your zune and your sync it onto the zune it that easy and if you wanna know how to get any youtube vidoe on your zune write to me imma give you te ways to dothat, its mazing ay just any kinda of youtube vidoe u want how great is that??

How do you put pix onto your zune?

you use your zune software go into your collection and your pictures in the folder called " My Pictures" should automatically be there.

How do you put music into a Zune with the upgraded software?

okay you need to burn all your music that you want onto a new copy disc(liike a CD disk) and then you put that in you computer and sync it.okay you need to burn all your music that you want onto a new copy disc(liike a CD disk) and then you put that in you computer and sync it.

How do you put music on sony Vegas 8?

drag it down onto the timeline (where the videos are) and it makes an audio track.

How do you put songs from LimeWire onto zune?

Firstly you can only put limeware songs, videos, etc. with the little Zune logo by the file type. When the selected item is finished downloading you bring up the zune page and hook up your zune to the computer via USB. Then click on the sync tab and simply drag the downloaded items to the tab and press Start Sync. (WARNING) Some files that you try to put onto the sync tab might not work - so it is better to try and download two identical files from limewire just so you have a backup

How do you put music on your Zune to your zune software after you already have the music?

1 download zune software 2 carry music to you collection. (thier is a tool bar on the top left hand corner of the zune page. 3 plug in your zune and click on the link in the toolbar that says device 4 go to your collection and drag the music you want to the little picture of a zune on the bottom left hand corner and drop it in. 5 click on the device link and click status the page will say if it added the music or not

How to rip DVDS to Zune?

Yeah, you can rip and put DVD onto Zune. But you should first get a DVD ripping tool to help you decrypt and convert DVD to Zune supported fromat. Then you can play the converted DVD on Zune. You can try the tool in related links.

Do you have to buy songs to put on your Zune player?

No. The Zune software is capable of transferring mp3 files, WMA files and a handful of other media formats onto the Zune device. Therefore, you can rip songs of off CDs you already own, you can download free songs from alternative Web sites, you can purchase songs from the Zune marketplace or you can buy them from iTunes (the Zune software can transfer iTunes music from your computer, as long as it is not DRM-protected). You can also subscribe to the Zune Pass, which allows you to download as much music as you want each month, but you only get to keep a specific number of the songs.

Do you have to pay for every song you put on your zune even if you dont have the zune software?

You don't have to pay for anything with the Zune. You have the option to purchase music just like iTunes and any other music service or subscribe to Zune Pass. However, if you rather rip your own CD's or download illegally, there is nothing that will stop you.

Do you have to use the microsoft's zune marketplace to download vids and music or can you put your own videos and music on it?

You don't have to use the Zune to download vids and music.There are many websites that offers free downloads.Like youtube:just search for a song and enter the word download or download link,ex: rihanna-umbrella download link or just me video download.

How do you put limwire movies on to your zune?

Ne, then search for videos in Limewire that has the Zune Logo where it shows the file format,download any video you want,click drag it to your zune software page,then once you have it there once again click and drag it to the Zune Icon then voila there you have it. need more info

Your zune keeps saying that all the items on your zune are missing Including pic and videos But on your software all the songs are there and they play fine?

if it says this go to settings-general- restore zune It will delete everithing on your zune and from the software than it will find it and put all your stuff back this happened to me and it worked.

How do you put music into your iPod Shuffle?

You can put music onto your ipod shuffle by downloading music onto your computer then uploading it to itunes which can then transfer the music to your ipod.

How do you put iTunes music on a Zune mp3 player?

You cannot sync music from iTunes to a portable music player that is not of the iPod brand. (diffrent person) Actully you can put Itune songs on mp3`s cd`s and other stuff that usn`t from the Ipod I will write back on Saturday if you can put it on a Zune and HowiTunes gives AAC music, DRM-protected .m4p and non-DRM .m4aZune plays DRM-protected .wma (purchased from Zune Marketplace with different DRM system from iTunes) and other non-DRM .wma .mp3 or aac music.It means you have to remove the DRM protection and convert music format before you can transfer them to Zune.Check the tutorial bellow, it can help sove the problem.

Can you put videos from your Ipod onto a computer?

Yes, you can upload your recorded videos using iTunes.

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