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How do you quit smoking?

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Here are some comments about quitting. See also the related links below.


Firstly, the desire to quit. Secondly, the determination needed to quit. Thirdly, someone else's support. Your first smokeless day should be after a full nights sleep - wake up and decided to quit, cold turkey. It is possible, as I am living proof. The first couple weeks are the most difficult times - you see, smoking was an activity you did regularly, and now you need something else to replace that activity. The trick is to stay busy with other activities that you also like to do - Soon enough, you will not even miss it and will see the financial rewards as well. Just, do it, and stick to it - good luck!


It is true that smoking is habit. But it is a habit that was acquired to overcome some kind of low self esteem, restlessness or dissatisfaction. To quit smoking we have to boost our self esteem and curb factors associated with smoking. Factors associated with smoking habit are deprivation of hunger, thirst, sex, approval, appreciation, praise and so on. Hence you eat well, drink water, have good sex if it is appropriate, or overcome the urge misplaced for for sex, understand why you do not get approval and appreciation and do the needful to either get it or be indifferent to it. Read a book on 'how to quit smoking'. Lastly never feel guilty for having smoked.


If you desire to quit you are bound to quit it sometime, irrespective of how many attempts you have made.


You have to really believe that your life depends on it! -- and it probably does. Then, ask for help, there is a lot out there. And, very few people give up first time, so don't be put off by repeated failures, just learn about your weak spots and you will be better prepared next time.


When you quit, temporarily renounce your right to make any decisions about your quitting. You will not, you cannot decide to delay or defer your quitting of smoking. Decide once that you will not smoke for 100 days. And that's it: you don't smoke for 100 days. After the 100 days, you can once again decide what you want to do. This will prevent your boss, nicotine, from making the wrong decision for you.


The only real way to quit, is to just stop cold turkey. You must want to stop in the first place. If you have the will power you can quit. Remember one thing. Your craving will go away in two ways. You will either smoke a cigarette or you will not. Either way the craving will subside in time.

There is a few ways you can quit smoking. You can go to your doctor and get something to help, you can chew gum or you can eat sunflowers.

Answer2: "A deep commitment to the process of quitting is the single most important characteristic of smokers who successfully quit."-"Stop Smoking Now!"

SIMPLY put, if you want to stop smoking, you should, at the very least, have a strong motivation to do so. For one thing, consider how much better off you will be if you quit smoking. If you are struggling to quit smoking, take heart. By learning to love Jehovah and to appreciate his view of smoking, you too can find the motivation you need to succeed. Jehovah's Witnesses will be happy to provide you with practical, one-on-one assistance to learn and apply Bible principles. Be assured that if you want Jehovah's help to break free from tobacco addiction, he will supply the power and strength you need.-Philippians 4:13.

Often, though, motivation alone is not enough. We may also need the help of others, including family and friends. Write down your reasons for quitting, and review this list regularly. Give yourself two weeks or less, and mark on your calendar the day you are determined to quit. Tell your family and friends that you are quitting on that date.

Search and destroy. Before you reach your quit date, scour your room, car, and clothing for any cigarettes. Destroy them. Get rid of lighters, matches, and ashtrays.

Deal with withdrawal symptoms. Drink plenty of fruit juice or water, and allow more time for sleep. Eat a well balanced get plenty of exercise. Walking can be one of the best things you can to do to clear your mind and feel good. Your lungs will thank you. Keep in mind that the discomfort is temporary, while the benefits are permanent!

Avoid triggers. Stay away from places and situations where you would be tempted to smoke. You may also need to cut off social contact with associates who are smokers.-Proverbs 13:20.

Avoid rationalizations. Don't fool yourself by saying, "I'll only take one puff." Such rationalizations often lead to a full relapse.-Jeremiah 17:9. Wishing you success, good health to you. See Jehovah's Witness official website for a number of helpful articles.

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To quit smoking you need to be patient, determind and also have the necessary assistance.

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Quit smoking

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Smokers can quit smoking if they have the initiative to do so, and if they take real action.

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Some of the places you can go in order to get help to quit smoking are: Your doctor, the NHS quit smoking helpline, a hypnotist, a therapist or an accupunctuist.

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You can find information on how to quit smoking at They give you easy steps on how to try to stop smoking such as realizing that tobacco creates a habit on a variable enforcement schedle.

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Immediate cessation (i.e. "cold turkey") is the fastest way to quit smoking.

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One can find smoking facts from the following sites to help someone to quit smoking; Smoking-Facts, American Lung Association, Listverse, and Getselfhelp.