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I am on the same problem all the answers I have gotten and all the methods I have tried are below.

Practice warm ups:

do re me fa sa la te do higher and higher each time.

then harder ones like "e" or "me"

then practice making each a,e,i,o,u higher.


Sing a high note song

( I don't know if it is just me or if everyone does this but I have two different voice levels one where I try hard and its my real voice , and one that's quiter kinda Oprah sound ." Do the practices and the songs without using the second one)

Songs you can try:

Halo (easy)

Bleeding Love (medium)

I told you so(hard)

I suggest doing these songs only and no others if you don't know them try learning them but I strongly suggest you use these , don't reach for hard yet take your time.


Cooling down

Take deep breaths and hum low notes medium notes but stay of high notes drink some water , not a soft drink , milk or water. If you want to do a warm down song I suggest something easy , what ever is easier for you.



I learned this through personal lessons , tips , and other sites.

It will not happen fast and it takes a while but in the end its worth it.


Personally in my lessons we really focus on diaphragmatic techniques as you cant do anything without support. Once you have that down it will become easier.

Also When you are singing try and think of the air you are breathing coming up from your diaphragm and out your mouth so that the air is reaching for the soft pallet on the roof of your mouth. I know it sounds condusing but it actually improves your technique and will espescially help with high notes.

However just remember not to push. I know you may just want to get up and start singing the high notes but you need the technique down pat first or else you could damge your vocal chords by too much strain

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Q: How do you reach a higher tone of voice when singing?
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When you are singing and you get higher up on the scale your voice gets airy how do you stop it?

well, you could just keep the tone exept give your voice a lower volume

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In singing, you have ranges called your Chest Voice and your Falsetto. When you use your chest voice you are singing in a comfortable range and you have a lot of power behind it...It isn't very airy. When you use your falsetto, you are singing a note that is in the higher range of a scale. Your tone is very air filled. It comes out quietly and airilly. :) hope that answers your question.

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What is the point of singing warm ups?

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