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You know you are his best friend, too.

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How do you know if a boy really like love you?

It's in his kiss.

Punk boy love?

What about it? I can't answer if I don't know what you are really asking.

You are a boy you love a girl how can you make her truly know that you really love her a lot?

Just go up to her and claim your love.

What a boy wants from his girlfriend?

love and care. a boy needs to know that you really love him and is happy about him. just let him know that you will be there when he needs you. a boy does not need only sex, he also have a sentimental part in him. so a boy wants his girl to listen to him and moreover love him and hang around with him.

How do you know when you are in love with a boy?

Sometimes, you don't know if you even like a boy. If you are really in love, you will sweat, your heart will beat faster, and your stomach will feel like you're on a roller coaster. This is true love. If you think they are cute, you know you are definitely in love if all of these things happen to you.

I am a really shy boy and i don't know if i will ever find love?

best thing to do is find a really shy girl

What is Syria's attitude towards Israel?

i dont know but i time im ful inlove with syrian boy and i really love that boy

You love someone will i get marry with that boy because my parent are not agree on this?

Only you can really answer this question. How much do you value your family? How much do you value the boy you think you love? How do you know that he loves you?

How do you know when a boy love you?

When he says i LOve you

How do you know a boy really loves you?

If he is still with you in 40 years then you can know for sure it is love.Until then you'll just have to have a little faith in him.

How will you know if a boy loves?

If you really want to know try asking this boy that you talk about. He might be honest and tell you if he does or doesn't. It's all a matter of how he really feels. and true. Love does find a way.~Epic glory2~

How do you break up with a boy you really love?

If you REALLY love him you wouldn't break up with him.

Can a boy love a boy?

Yes a boy can love another boy but that does not mean the other will love him back. yes. love is universal and can be shared in many ways. You cant really control who you love wether its a boy and a boy, a girl and girl or a boy and girl who love is who you love and that about it. if your gay yes

You are boy in love with a girl how do you make love?

If you do not know then you do not need to know.

How do you know you love your boy friend?

If you love being with them then you love them

Why go people for a date?

Dating emphasizes love and you get to really know them and see if they're boy/girlfriend worthy.

Does your boyfriend really love you if he threatens to break up with you if you don't kiss him?

No he does not love you, he is just threatning you because he never got kissed. I am a boy I know it.

Do i really love samrat?

yes i know it you really love him

How do you know if a boy love a girl?

Love can be shown through many different ways. The simplest is saying it, but showing it is how you really know a boy loves a girl. The boy will look at her in a special way, try to say sweet things, be nervous around the girl, talk about her constantly, do things for her.

Is you love a boy and he don't love and he don't know that you love him?

Say from you that you Love him and get the answer!

How does a inert and arrogant boy behave with a girl when he is in love with her?

He will act really uncomfertable around you and won't talk to you much. (P.S. I know this because I'm a boy.)

I really don't know about this boy i love He seems that he doesn't love me And today my friends said that who would you rather go out with me or susan and he picked susan does he really mean that?

Unfortunatly yes. He is a git.

How do you know if a boy love you?

He tells you.

How you know a man really love you?

how do you know a man love you are not

Why do boys know about love?

i really don't know boys have all of these different feelings about girls and if you tried to get a boy to express his feeling about you it would make the boy get mad at you when it really isn't your fault. just tell him that you like him and see what his responce is and then go from there.

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