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i have lost some contact numbers on my nokia phone.

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i have lost some contact numbers on my nokia phone. is there a way off getting them back

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover deleted messages from a Nokia 2700 classic mobile phone. There is not any phone that will recover deleted messages unless the messages were saved to a memory card.

I really dont think you can because it is literally gone from the memory of the phone

Dear Sir I wrongly Restore all my Nokia 2690. Now i recover my Mobila Phone internal Data

Yes, you can recover your deleted files. Use stellar data recovery services to regain your files. They will bring back all your files without any glitch.

It Is Not Possible directly. But If You Have Little Amount Of Contacts Then You Can Take The Help Of The SIM Card. Move The Contacts From Nokia's Phone memory To The SIM Memory..Then Insert The SIM To The Samsung Mobile Phone Then Move The Contacts To Samsung's Phone memory. OR You Can Do It The Hard Way By Manual Typing..

You have 2 take out the memory card out of the old phone nokia 2 transfer 2 the new one!-ur welcum!! :-)

The 8GB should be for mass memory card instead of photo internal memory. To recover data from it, you can rely on a third-party Nokia mass memory card recovery software (see resource). Also remember - not to put anything back to the card in case the data overwritten.

The Nokia 6350 may hold up to one thousand contacts in the phone. In addiction, with a memory card it can hold up two hundred and fifty more contacts.

To transfer phone contacts to PC from Nokia C301 you need the Nokia PC suite that will help you transfer the contacts.

To retrieve deleted multimedia files from a Nokia N70 you will need a photo recovery program installed on the phone. Then connect the phone to a computer using a digital cable. Run the recovery program and click start. Choose the drive path of your Nokia phone and click on 'Scan' to recover deleted photos and videos.

I forgot the password of my memory .how can i get it .my mobile is 5130 XpresrMusic.

what you do is make a backup of your memory card on ur computer using nokia PC suite then once that's done format your memory card while will deleted everything on there and it will remove the password. then go back to your PC suite and restore back all your memory card files

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the answer to your problem is if the password is not recoverable then you have to reformat your SD but the consequence to that is all the memory stored in the SD will be deleted.

HI how are you? nokia n85 format memory card?

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First dial to check your ballance by your service provider that>> *121# >>options>>call>>calling *121#....then cut the call and go to dialled numbers and you will find your last deleted it?remember!!when you call *121# if it request then you can not find your deleted number!

nope,nokia 5000 doesn't include a memory card slot

Connect it to your computer and go on nokia PC suite

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