How do you recover the password for a cisco 2501 router?

Cisco Router Password Recovery (Method One)

Using this method can make the following cisco routers password recovery: Cisco2000 series, 2500 series, 3000 series, 680 x0MotorolaCPU, Cisco4000 series, operation version 10.0 or above the 7000 series routers CiscoIOS system.

  1. The router console mouth connected to a terminal or with installation of the software simulation terminal PC.
  2. Input showversion command, and then write down registers value, usually 0 x2102or0x102. This value displayed in the last line, pay attention to the configuration of the register whether Break set to enable or disable.The default configuration register value is 0 x2102. This value from the left number the third digital if is 1, it is disableBreak; If for zero, the Break for enabled.
  3. Cut off power supply after the restart.
  4. The router start in 60 seconds internal terminal according to Break key. Will show rommon > prompt. If this is not prompt, the terminal was given the right the interrupt signal, check Break key is correct or whether it is set to disable.
  5. In the prompt next input o/r0x42 or o/r0x41, o/r0x42 meaning from the Flashmemory guide, o/r0x41 meaning from the ROMs guide (note, the first character is the letter "o", not the number zero). The best is 0 x42, Flashmemory is not installed or erase in the case, just use 0 x41, if have 0 x41 is can only view or erase configuration, can not directly change your password.
  6. In rommon > prompt next input initialization command.
  7. Input system configuration dialog prompt knock no, waiting for that message: PressRETURNtogetstarted!
  8. Press enter, appear Router > prompt.
  9. Input enable command, appear Router# prompt.
    • Router# configurememory
    • Router# configureterminal
    • Router (config) # enablesecret1234abcd
    • Router (config) # CTRL-z
    • Router# writememory
  10. Select the option of a:
    • If no password encryption, use direct morenvram: startup-config command can see password; In the password encryption, can't see, can only alter, type the command that is as follows:
  11. In EXEC prompt input configureterminal enter configuration mode. Input config-register order to record in step 2 registers value recovery.
  12. Knock Ctrl-Z, exit the configuration state.
  13. In the privilege mode writememory with command save configuration, then reboot to restart.

Cisco Router Password Recovery (Method 2)

Using this method can make the following cisco routers password recovery: Cisco1003, series 1600, series 3600, series 4500, series 7200, series 7500 and IDTOrion-Based routers, the first step and the first method.

  1. In rommon > prompt input confreg under orders. Doyouwishtochangeconfiguration [y/n]?
  2. Input yes, then press enter. In answer to the back of the problems have been no choice, until appear "ignoresystemconfiginfo [y/n]?" When the input yes. Then continue to knock no answer, has been to see "changebootcharacteristics [y/n]?" When the input yes.
  3. Entertoboot: in this prompt can have 2 and 1 under two options. If Flashmemoryiserased choose 1, this can only vieworerase configuration, can't edit password. Had better choose 2. Appear as follows tip: Doyouwishtochangeconfiguration [y/n]? Answer no, then press enter, shows "rommon >".
  4. In the privilege under command input EXEC reload.
  5. Cisco routers password recovery operation to this, with the first method behind operation.